What does BSA air rifle stand for?

What does BSA air rifle stand for?

Birmingham Small Arms Factory
The Birmingham Small Arms Factory, known as BSA are one of the top air rifle producers in the world and have been making guns since 1861.

What is the difference between a rifle and an air rifle?

The main difference between air rifles and firearms is the propulsion of the bullet. Firearms get their power from gunpowder whereas air rifles are powered by compressed air. Since an air rifle only needs a projectile, there are fewer components involved in firing and therefore ammunition is less expensive.

Is the BSA Ultra SE regulated?

Bsa Ultra SE Tuning regulator By Huma-Air. The regulator is vented to the atmosphere without the need of drilling a hole or what so ever. This guaranties very consistent regulating behavior without creeping up in pellet speed during time!

When did BSA go out of business?

What Will Happen Now? In 2016, the B.S.A. Company was bought out by the Mahindra Group, which is an India-based conglomerate with a presence in motorcycle manufacturing as well as a number of other sectors.

When did the Lincoln Jeffries air rifle come out?

Of course, with more interest in shooting generally, it would also help sales of BSA guns and rifles. A contract was signed in 1905 and both Lincoln Jeffries and BSA produced the new air rifle. [ Information taken from BSA & Lincoln Jeffries Air Rifles by John Knibbs (out of print)]

How to dismantle a Lincoln Jeffries underlever air rifle?

Here is a short guide to dismantling a B.S.A underlever air rifle to inspect or replace the mainspring and piston head. It is the way I would do it. All the main points are included but some people might tackle the task in a slightly different order.

Who was the inventor of the Lincoln air rifle?

The stock shows the George Lincoln Jeffries trade mark of a shooter wearing a bowler hat, impressed on its right hand side. This is the first pattern trade mark, which changed slightly on later production batches, by including the address, and the words ‘inventor and patentee’ after the name.

How old is the Lincoln air rifle serial number?

The first batch of 1000 ‘H’ The Lincoln air rifles commenced production with serial number 130, so you can see that this rifle is one of the very first 50 production air rifles ever made by The Birmingham Small Arms Company for Lincoln Jeffries. Being made in 1905, the rifle is 106 years old! and still going strong.