What is a spring piston rifle?

What is a spring piston rifle?

A spring piston, also known as a springer air rifle or spring pellet gun, has a self-contained coiled spring that propels a projectile when fired. Here at Airgun Depot, we carry a wide selection of the most popular and accurate spring piston rifles for sale.

How does a spring air rifle work?

Spring air rifles work by pushing a spring into a locked position. The spring is released and pushes a piston forward, propelling a pellet out of the barrel with air pressure. The sudden compression of air generates intense heat, like a fire piston.

How long do gas piston rifles last?

“A life of 5,000 shots is probably a good rule for estimating spring life in an average spring-piston powerplant. The life of a Nitro Piston powerplant is easily twice that, and at the end of that time, it will shoot close to the original numbers. It’s either working completely fine, or it’s not working at all.”

What is an IGT gas piston?

IGT (Inert Gas Technology) Gas Piston The IGT (Inert Gas Technology) is a gas piston that replaces the spring delivering more terminal velocity (1300 fps in . 177 Cal. and 975 fps in . 22 Cal. ), less vibration, more consistent power and a constant and smooth cocking effort.

How does a spring piston air rifle work?

Spring Piston Air Rifles are the most common type of Air Rifle. When you cock the rifle the internal spring is compressed until the trigger is squeezed. The spring is then released, pushing the piston forward. This compresses the air and ultimately shoots the pellet out of the barrel.

Can you use a Springer breakbarrel air gun?

Springer/breakbarrel gun (Yes, nitro piston/gas ram (NOT CO2) works too, and you guys with gas systems, you can beat the hell out of your “spring” since it is just air, but you may damage seals. Otherwise, you may have few limits, aside from chamber rupture pressure.)

Do you need to grease a spring piston air rifle?

Spring Piston Air Rifle Most of the spring-piston air rifles require very little maintenance to keep them long-lasting. Many have lifetime greased up rings and seals. This is one of the most significant things to investigate about your weapon.

Which is better a spring piston or gas cylinder rifle?

A gas cylinder rifle has no spring weakness or spring torque, even if you left positioned for quite a long time. It furnishes you with smoother cocking and smoother shooting with less pull back.