What is a Winchester 1876 worth?

What is a Winchester 1876 worth?

Winchester also furnished Model 1876 in 1-of-100 and 1-of-1000 special guns. Only eight 1-of-100 1876s were built; and 54 1-of-1000 1876s. As with their Model 1873 counterparts, these rare guns often sell in the $75,000 range or more.

What is a Winchester Model 1876?

The Winchester Model 1876, or Centennial Model, was a heavier-framed rifle than the Models 1866 and 1873, chambered for full-powered centerfire rifle cartridges suitable for big-game hunting, rather than the handgun-sized rimfire and centerfire rounds of its predecessors.

What kind of rifle is a 45 60?

45-70 government cartridge to operate through the Winchester Model 1876 rifle’s lever-action. The Colt Lightning Carbine and the Whitney Arms Company’s Kennedy lever-action rifle were also chambered for the . 45-60….

.45-60 Winchester
Type Rifle
Place of origin United States
Production history
Designed 1879

How many rounds does a Winchester 1876 hold?

The tube magazine could hold 15 rounds of ammunition. The barrel could be octagonal or rounded in shape depending on the model type and overall metal construction and trim work was completed in nickel, silver and gold finishes.

What was the price of a Model 1876 Winchester rifle?

$ 3,475. There were only 6,612 of the Model 1876 rifles chambered in 40-60 caliber with a 28 inch octagon barrel. Full length mag tube.

What kind of brass does a 45-60 Winchester rifle use?

The 45-60 cartridges can be made by shortening 45-70 brass. You’ll find an article on reloading for the 45-60 in downloadable PDF format if you click here.

What was the first Winchester rifle ever made?

$ 6,975. This Winchester 1876 first model completed was on August 23, 1880 in .45-60. We have a factory letter for this rifle. Typical dark barrel with no pitting, wood is in good condition no cracks,&nbs …Click for more info ALMOST NEVER SEEN 1876 FIRST MODEL OPEN-TOP RECEIVER ROUND BARREL RIFLE WITH SPECIAL ORDER SET TRIGGER, #7XX.

Is the Winchester 1876 SRC a full length stock?

Here is a rare item, a Winchester 1876 SRC. Unlike other SRCs by Winchester, the 1876 Model features an almost full-length stock, giving it a musket-like apprearance. If you are a Tom Selleck fan you’ …Click for more info