What is the model number of Western Auto revelation?

What is the model number of Western Auto revelation?

Model Manufacture Model Number Model Manufacture Model Number 76 Hi Std DBL 9 200-2280 Mossberg 39A 100 Mossberg 321-320 200-2282 Mossberg 39AM 101

What kind of shotgun is Mossberg revelation 310?

A Western Auto Revelation Model 310A 12 GA shotgun made by Mossberg for Western Auto. The paperwork available to me indicates this gun is the same as a Mossberg Model 500 AB. This is the second shotgun I have come across that I was unable to remove the action slide assembly from the receiver.

What kind of shotgun does Mossberg r310ab have?

First thing I did was run down to the Western Auto store and pick up my first shotgun, a Mossberg R310AB 12 Gauge – 30″ barrel. Funny thing is it says Revelation, and doesn’t say Mossberg anywhere on the gun. First thing I noticed is it is not only very accurate, but also was very durable!

Who was the original owner of Western Auto?

Auto parts comprised a small percentage of the company’s sales by the mid-1960s, and had nearly disappeared by the 1970s. In 1961, Western Auto was sold to the Beneficial Finance Corporation. Beneficial retained ownership until 1985, when the company was purchased in a leveraged buyout led by Western Auto management and Wesray Capital Corporation.

What was the name of the gun store Western Auto?

As with other chains at the time, such as Sears, Roebuck and Co., Montgomery Ward, and J.C. Penney, Western Auto’s firearms were sold under a proprietary brand.

When was the Western Auto Revelation 22 bolt action made?

There is no serial number, and as far as I can tell, it was possibly manufactured between 1905 and 1960. I have suspicions that it was made in the 30s. It still looks new, although the scope does not seem to be original. It also has rear sights, so it was not likely to have been shipped with a scope and the scope was added later.

What kind of bolt action does Western Auto Model 100 have?

Yep, according to my cross-reference chart, the Western Auto model 100 was a Mossberg 321. The Boy Scout rifle was a 320B. Leastways, the one my brother has, that was bought from Spanish Trails Scout Reservation, is a 320B. Single-shot bolt action and the safety comes on every time you work the bolt.

Is the Western Auto Revelation sold by Mossberg?

The Revelation line was sold by Western Auto as you say. I’m not sure it crosses over exactly to a Mossberg 321 since Mossberg didn’t always make their store brand rifles exactly the same as their regular line. Your pictures don’t show the sights which would help.