What is the serial number for a Sheridan rifle?

What is the serial number for a Sheridan rifle?

Serial number by year list for the Sheridan rifle?? I have a Sheridan Silver Streak serial number 486XXX that I would to know the date of manufacture on. Thanks for your help or very close.

When did Sheridan stop making Model C Streaks?

Sheridan manufactured the Model C Streaks for 27 years before being bought out by the Benjamin Air Rifle company in 1976 and ending the original run of Sheridan produce Streaks. Many small changes were made to the Streaks during its 27-year run, providing collectors many different varieties.

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How did the Sheridan air rifle come to be?

Well, this was pretty much how Sheridan came to be. Ed Wackerhagen, dissatisfied with a pellet gun used by his son Philip set out to build one of the finest airguns in history. The design was to incorporate the philosophy: “performance is the some total of many small functions whos combined result must spell’Bulls-eye’.”

Who was the owner of the Sheridan Model C Rifle?

There are three time lines to the Model C: first being owned exclusively by Sheridan, then Benjamin acquired it, and finally Crosman. Though being acquired by Benjamin and then Crosman, the Streaks still remains (somewhat) intact today.

Are there any Sheridan air rifles for sale?

This is a multi-pump pneumatic gun that was made for only five years. Model B – The Sheridan Model B was manufactured as a budget-friendly gun and is also known as the Sporter. This vintage gun is rare and highly sought after. Model C – This is the most widely available Sheridan air rifle for sale as it was made for 27 years.

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What kind of rifle is the Sheridan Blue Streak?

For 50 years, the stately Sheridan Blue Streak has offered a consistent design. It is a venerable .20-caliber rifle with a raised scope so that the scope does not interfere with the shot and operating the gun. The rifle is a pump-action single-shot rifle. It is a light and portable air rifle that is versatile and easy to operate.

When did the Sheridan Silver Streak come out?

I have a Sheridan Silver Streak serial number 486XXX that I would to know the date of manufacture on. Thanks for your help Sheridan #’s are near the bottom. It looks like mine was made after 1975. Thanks again for the link.

What kind of air rifle is a 1980 Sheridan?

Vintage 1980 Sheridan C .20 Cal 5mm Blue Streak Multi Pump Air Rifle – NICE!! Beautiful 1953-55 Sheridan Blue Streak air gun rifle, scope, mounts, pellets.

When did the Sheridan Blue Streak air rifle come out?

The black-oxide finished Sheridan Blue Streak air rifles were introduced in 1952. Serial numbers were not introduced on the guns until 1971, so earlier guns will not have a serial number. Those with serial numbers will have them stamped on the barrel.

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What was the price of the first Sheridan air rifle?

Patterned after the Benjamins, it was $19.95 when introduced. It was dubbed the “Streaks” with the Silver Streak being first with its nickle finish, followed by Blue Streak a few months after. This is the gun when people think of Sheridan, their longest production gun ever.