What kind of gun does Montgomery Ward have?

What kind of gun does Montgomery Ward have?

580EJN Colt Colteer 5-4 Mossberg 8-M4 679 Mossberg 472 9-2 3/4 Mossberg 91/2 710 Savage 110 10 DEERFIELD Noble 10 730 Mossberg 810 10SD247A Savage / Stevens 94 732

Where can I buy a western field 30-30 Marlin?

From all appearances the western field 30-30 appears to be a marlin, that was stamped western field for sale in Montgomery ward department stores. Any info would be appreciated.

What kind of trigger action does Mossberg western field have?

At least mine does. The Mossberg model of WesternFields, the trigger will fall with the lever action when cocking. There is also a Western Auto model called Revelation, that usually has a Deer carved into the stock like their 22 rifles have squirrels. Their stocks are hardwoods that aren’t walnut.


Where was the Texas Ranger shotgun originally made?

Location: NW Florida. Texas Ranger single shot shotguns were made by the J. Stevens Arms Co. for Montgomery Wards. Stevens was bought, by Savage, in 1936, so it was most likely made before then.

Where did the name Texas Ranger come from?

The Texas ranger name is on the reciever. Texas Ranger, used by Belgium on handguns imported to the U.S. It was also used by Montgomery Ward on inexpensive handguns. So far, the only mention or use I’ve found. Texas Ranger single shot shotguns were made by the J. Stevens Arms Co. for Montgomery Wards.


How much does a Montgomery Ward sewing machine cost?

These old machines do not and did not hold their value. Since they were clones of other machines made by a Japanese company, these sewing machines were never really seen as a must-have sewing machine. eBay has one for about $126 but it runs and comes with lots of accessories. Other machines placed on that outlet have a price tag of about $40.

How big is a Stevens 12 gauge shotgun?

Stevens – 512 Gold Wing 28 Gauge Over/Under/26′ Blued Barrel Walnut Stock Shotgun Stevens – 512 Gold Wing 12 Gauge Over/Under/28′ Blued Barrel Walnut Stock Shotgun

When did the Montgomery Ward catalog come out?

VINTAGE 1929 Spring Summer 610 pg Montgomery Ward & Co Catalogue! Catalog Vintage Montgomery Ward Catalog Spring/Summer 1967 , With Little Wear !!