What was the serial number of the Ithaca 1911?

What was the serial number of the Ithaca 1911?

Make: Ithaca Gun Co. Model: 1911-A1. Serial Number: 866756. Year of Manufacture: 1943 (Pg. 394 of Clawson’s “Colt .45 Service Pistols”) Caliber: .45 A.C.P. Action Type: Single Action Semi-Auto with Removable Magazine.

What was the serial number of the 1911A1?

1911A1 serial number 2128752 – One of 2,400 pistols manufactured in the serial number range 2127108-2129507 shipped January 16, 1945 to Transportation Officer – Benicia Ordnance Depot – Benicia, California. Left side slide markings – ITHACA GUN CO., INC.plus ITHACA, N.Y.

Where was the Ithaca Gun Company once located?

Company once located in Syracuse, NY. around 1916. The Flues model single barrel trap guns and the “two bolt” hammer guns are also numbered within this series. YEAR SERIAL NUMBER YEAR SERIAL NUMBER YEAR SERIAL NUMBER 1914 246892 to 246895 1922 400000 to 400014 1945 WW II 1915 to 255000 1923 to 400055 1946 to 402797

What’s the serial number on an Ithaca Model 37?

Special serial number blocks were discontinued during 1953 for the models 37S and 37T. *Interchangeable barrels began with serial number 855000. Unique serial number sequences were established for special edition and commemorative Model 37 and Model 87 guns.

How old is the Ithaca Auto burgler pistol?

Here’s an excellent Ithaca Auto Burgler Pistol chambered for 20 gauge 2 1/2″ shells. This is the Flues model and was manufactured in 1924 with 10 inch barrels The overall condition is …Click for more info Ithaca 1911A1 45 ACP.

Who was the only manufacturer of the 1911A1 pistol?

Interestingly, Ithaca Gun Co. was the only maker of the 1911A1 pistol, apart from Colt, which made firearms before the war. This example of an Ithaca 1911A1 is from the first serial block assigned to the company, and has early features such as a nice Du-Lite finish, no model marking on the right of the slide, and checkered mainspring housing.

Where is the proof mark on an Ithaca 45 ACP?

Left side slide markings – ITHACA GUN CO., INC. plus ITHACA, N.Y. Close-up of left side showing the ordnance inspectors mark “FJA” . This is the mark of Col. Frank J. Atwood . The “P” proofmark is located on the left side of receiver, top of slide and left barrel lug.

Who was the manufacturer of the Ithaca pistol?

This pistol in all respects is an original, as manufactured Model 1911A1 pistol produced by the Ithaca Gun company. These pistols were produced towards the end of WWII, after Ithaca successfully completed their last U.S. Army contract.