When did the Marlin Model 19 shotgun come out?

When did the Marlin Model 19 shotgun come out?

I am really not an expert – distinguished or otherwise!! The Model 19 exposed hammer, pump action shotgun was listed in the old Marlin catalogs from 1906 to 1907. A gun with the serial number listed would probably have been shipped in about 1906. The Model 19 is a takedown action with a pistol grip stock.

What are the models of Marlin pump shotguns?

marlin pump shotguns Model 1898 Model 16 Model 17 Model 17 Brush Gun Model 17 Riot Gun Model 19 Model 21 “Trap” Model 24 Marlin “Trap Gun” Model 26 Model 26 Brush Gun Model 26 Riot Gun Model 28 Hammerless

How does a 1898 Marlin shotgun look like?

Inside of barrel is perfect looking, very bright and clean. Hammer locks back ok. Your shotgun is a 1898 Marlin style shotgun, clean it up, hang it on the wall or have someone look at it to make sure it is safe and shoot it.

Who are the owners of Marlin Firearms Company?

MARLIN FIREARMS CO. Marlin, along with its subsidiaries Harrington & Richardson/NEF, are now owned by Freedom Group Family of Companies. BALL & WILLIAMS BALLARDS MERRIMACK ARMS CO. AND BROWN MANUFACTURING CO. (BALLARDS) MODEL 336 MODEL 39 MODEL 900 SERIES MARLIN BOLT-ACTION SHOTGUNS

What kind of gun stocks are in Marlin?

Marlin Semi Finish Gun Stocks, Marlin Rifle Forends, Marlin Lever Action Stocks and Froends, Marlin Antique Stocks and Forends, Marlin Synthetic Stocks, Marlin Checkered Gun Stocks, Marlin smoooth Gun Stocks, Marlin Semi Finish Gun Stocks, Marlin Obsoelte Lever Action Gun Stocks, Marlin Over and Under Shotgun Stocks, Marlin 22 Rifle Gun Stocks.

What kind of stocks are at Midwest Gun Works?

If you are in need of a new rifle or shotgun stock, choose Marlin. MGW carries a many stocks from Marlin to fit nearly any model of rifle and shotgun that Marlin offers. These stocks are crafted of quality wood or durable synthetics. Marlin stocks are available in many finishes and patterns to best suit your firearm.

Can you change the barrel on a Marlin rifle?

In some models, replacement barrels may also be available to allow you to switch between calibers, thus making a single long gun into a multipurpose firearm. What types of stocks are available for Marlin rifles?