When was the Ithaca SKB 600 12ga made?

When was the Ithaca SKB 600 12ga made?

I found a Ithaca/SKB 600 12Ga Mag for sale for $850 and was made sometime between 1969-72. I was wondering if this is a good deal or not? To answer your question, it depends on the condition of the gun and whether it has been altered from original.

How much does a Ithaca Bluebook 600 cost?

Just looked at a 2 year old version of the BlueBook. The 600 came in all versions and the $400 price puts that at about 85% price. As to the $850 the highest they show for any model is a hair over $700. I’ve seen decent ones (90-95%) around usually for $500-$600.

How much does a 12 gauge Mag cost?

A 12 Gauge Mag should have an original recoil pad. you need to measure LOP as well as the fixed chokes to determine if in spec. If the gun was mint and all original, $850 is reasonable.

When did the Ithaca SKB side by sides come out?

While the later side by sides (385 and 485) were being made, O/us were made in models 585 and 685. Leon gave you a very good summary. I did a two part series on SKB doubles in Shooting Sportsman, March-April and May-June 2003. Those issues may still be available if you contact the magazine.

What does 280 E stand for in Ithaca SKB?

Both had ejectors. 280 E. (E. stands for English) had straight grip stock and 200 had pistol grip. Both had semi beavertail forend. wood “upgrade” on 200 series guns often consisted of plain wood with grain painted on. I know very little about the more ornate yet seldom seen, 300 series and 400 series Ithaca branded guns.

Are there any SKB 500 20 gauge shotguns for sale?

Offered for sale is a very nice SKB 500 20 gauge O/U shotgun. This light little 20 gauge is equipted with 26″ barrels choked Mod./IC. Length of pull is 14″over a factory butt pla …Click for more info SKB Model 685 in excellent condition with 28 inch barrels.