Where can I get 32 rimfire ammo from?

Where can I get 32 rimfire ammo from?

Navy Arms years ago had a run of 32 rimfire from south America made. I do not believe that S&W made a 32 rimfire lemon squeezer. Location:South Jersey …

When did the.32 WS cartridge come out?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. The .32 Winchester Special (or .32 WS) is a rimmed cartridge created in October 1901 for use in the Winchester Model 94 lever-action rifle. It is similar in name but unrelated to the .32-20 Winchester cartridge (which is also known as .32 WCF).

How much does a 32 ACP ammo case cost?

32 ACP Ammo Description Grains FPS Rounds Price 32 ACP – Prvi Partizan Ammo WFree Can JH 71gr n/a 100 $149.95 32 ACP – Geco Ruag Ammo Brass FMJ 73gr n/a 50 $79.95 32 ACP – S&B Ammo Brass Case FMJ 73gr n/a 50 $79.95

What kind of bullet is a 32 WS?

Ballistics are similar to the .30-30 cartridge and its .308 caliber (7.62mm) bullet, but the larger diameter .321 (8.15 mm) bullet of the .32 WS will create a larger wound.

When did the Colt 32 rimfire come out?

Colt New Line 1st Model .32 Rimfire. Made in 1874, serial 4032 (appears on barrel with partial on cylinder) has a 2.25-inch barrel, nickel finish and wood grips. CONDITION: The bor… (read more)

What kind of ammo is used in a rimfire rifle?

This list includes rimfire rounds only. Please see our other lists for handgun, rifle and shotgun ammo. 22 RF (K)? Rimfire Obsolete Cartridge 56-50 Spencer Carbine Rimfire .512 Obsolete 1861 Cartridge 1865 Spencer repeating Carbine Spfd.

What kind of ammo do you use for centerfire?

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