Where is the scope lens in Pokemon X?

Where is the scope lens in Pokémon X?

Apparently there is a backpacker at the back of Shutterbug Cafe in Lumiose City where he gives you a Wife Lense and a Scope Lens… I want the Scope Lens and he won’t give it to me.

How do I know what scope My lens is?

You can obtain Scope Lens in Route 9, along the road going to Route 7.

How much does scope lens increase crit?

If held by a Pokémon, the Scope Lens increases the Pokémon’s critical hit probability by flat 30%RB/15%TD. If thrown, it will deal 1 damage (2 if sticky).

What is scope lens?

The Scope Lens is an item which increases the chance of a Pokémon holding it to score a critical hit on the foe.

Is scope lens any good?

The scope lens serves the purpose of increasing your critical hit ratio by one stage. So, as you can see, if your move is in stage one, where moves that don’t have an increased critical hit rate sit, it isn’t THAT beneficial to use a scope lens.

How do you get the scope lens in fire red?

1 Answer. Unfortunately, there is no way to obtain a scope lens through your playthrough in Firered/Leafgreen. The only way to obtain it is through trading a Pokemon holding one to your own game.

How do you get a scope lens sword?

The Scope Lens is located on Route 9 near the entrance to Spikemuth. Head up the hill from the water section of this route and then turn left into the small dead-end to find this item on the ground.

How do you get a scope lens from Cramomatic?

So, to get say a Scope Lens, you’d need to first put in an item with a Dark-type attribute and then add three more items to bring the total value up to 81-90. The second, third and fourth items can be of any type attribute. Basically, pick the item you want you wish to receive.

Where can I buy wide lens in sword?

You will receive the Wide Lens item when you go to Circhester and do the detective event at the hotel. You will get the Wide Lens from the detective after finding out who the culprit is.

Is scope lens good Unite?

Scope Lens is best used by Pokemon who mostly rely on basic attacks as their main source of damage. Pokemon who have a high attack speed like Cinderace, or have moves that increase attack speed like Machamp benefit from Scope Lens’ ciritical-hit the most.

What is the difference between scope lens and razor claw?

Scope lens exists in gens 2 and 3, and razor claw can evolve Weavile. Those are the only differences.

Does scope lens stack with Night Slash?

Yes, they stack.

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