Which is the type of Micro Computer Memory?

Which is the type of Micro Computer Memory?

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Que. Type of microcomputer memory is
b. primary memory
c. secondary memory
d. all of these
Answer:all of these

What is minicomputer with example?

: a small computer that is intermediate between a microcomputer and a mainframe in size, speed, and capacity, that can support time-sharing, and that is often dedicated to a single application.

Which one is not a type of microcomputer?

There are classes of computers that are not microcomputers. These include supercomputers, mainframes, and minicomputers.

What is Micro computer with diagram?

Computer’s Central Processing Unit (CPU) built on a single Integrated Circuit (IC) is called a microprocessor. A digital computer with one microprocessor which acts as a CPU is called microcomputer….Table: Important Intel Microprocessors.

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Microprocessor Pentium II
Word Length 32-bit
Memory addressing Capacity

Where is minicomputer used?

Minicomputers were used for scientific and engineering computations, business transaction processing, file handling, and database management.

What are the types of micro computer?

Today microcomputers come in various forms such as a laptop, full-tower and mini-tower computers, desktops, notebooks, workstation or server, and palmtop or PDA (Personal Digital Assistant). Various types of microcomputer functions are relatively available in microcomputers in varying degrees.

What are the four types of computers?

There are four main classifications of computers: Mainframe computers, micro-computers mini-computers, and super-computers.

What are the uses of micro computer?

Microcomputers use a microprocessor to execute instructions and are designed for use by one individual. They are used for office applications, email, Internet access, gaming or education.

What is the size of a microcomputer?

The size of minicomputers can range from 12 inches in width to less than 7. This small size is especially attractive to students because they can use it anywhere they want.

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