Who invented the rolling block rifle?

Who invented the rolling block rifle?

The Remington Rolling Block rifle was one of Remington’s most successful single shot rifle. It was designed by Joseph Rider in the 1860s during the American Civil war. Produced too late to see any action, Rider sold the design to Remington after the war, and it quickly became one of the most famous rifles in history.

How strong is the rolling block action?

The rolling block is a rather weak action, poorly suited for today’s cartridges and loads. It is pretty much in the same strength category as the early trap-door Springfield, which is to say, keep pressures under 25,000 CUP. Take the falling block every time. They are usually very strong.

What kind of caliber is a Remington rolling block rifle?

It is, however, the most commonly encountered of all Remington Rolling Block rifles in .43 Spanish caliber, as the Argentine government sold well over 25,000 to US surplus importers between 1959 and 1962.

When did the.43 Spanish carbine come out?

In many areas, the .43 Spanish was regarded as useful ordnance as late as 1910. The Remington rolling block was the result of several years of development, as some of the earlier models were more complicated and not as practical. They were known as Split Breech Remington Carbines.

What was the original caliber of the Remington Berdan?

Remington pressured Greece into canceling their contract to reap a higher price from the French. Original caliber of Greek Model was .42 Russian Berdan, which is practically identical to .43 Spanish, aside from larger diameter neck and bullet of latter.

When did the Spanish contract rolling block come out?

Advertised commercially from 1875 through 1902, this .43 Spanish caliber Remington Rolling Block accounts for largest number of production, with something over 1.5 million sold from 1869 to 1910. A tremendous amount of variation exists here, with differences as indicated below. Original Spanish Contract Model.