Will Browning Invector Plus choke tubes?

Will Browning Invector Plus choke tubes?

Invector-Plus started the long choke tube revolution. Threads on the breech end of the choke tube help prevent gases from slipping between the choke tube and barrel that could damage the choke tube and the barrel. Invector-Plus is standard on 12 and 20 gauge Maxus, Citori, Cynergy, Silver, BPS and BT-99 models.

What chokes come with new Browning A5?

The a5 uses (browning invector + ) choke tubes. That is not the same as the browning invector just to let you know.

Who makes Browning Invector plus chokes?

Briley has been making their extended chokes for quite a while, IIRC. They also make the Remington OEM chokes for the 28 gauge 1100 I used to own. Scout80 wrote: That means Invector-Plus full chokes are now rated for use with steel.]

What choke does a Browning Cynergy use?

All 12 gauge Cynergy shotgun barrels have been threaded to accept the Browning Invector-Plus™ choke system.

What does Invector stand for on Browning Auto 5?

All older Auto-5 models and the Auto-5 Buck Special are conventionally choked. The word, INVECTOR denotes that the barrel is threaded. The degree of choke tube is indicated twice on each choke tube: Inscribed on the side of the tube, and indicated with a “notch” code on the top rim of the tube.

How does the Browning Invector choke system work?

To help you choose the correct choke tube for each hunting situation, all Browning Invector choke tubes are inscribed 011 the side with the patterns they produce with both lead and steel shot. Each Invector tube also has notches in the top rim of the tube.

Which is choke system does Browning Auto 5 use?

All current Auto-5 shotguns have barrels that are threaded to accept the Browning Invector-Plus Interchangeable Choke System. You may confirm this by glancing on the right side of your barrel where the specifications are inscribed, and where the choke markings are normally located.

Can a Invector plus be interchangeable with a choke tube?

STANDARD INVECTOR, INVECTOR-PLUS AND INVECTOR-DS ARE NOT INTERCHANGEABLE. Make sure you know the system that fits your shotgun before proceeding. For advice on choosing a choke tube appropriate for your shotgun READ MORE HERE.