Can you put a pistol grip on a double barrel shotgun?

Can you put a pistol grip on a double barrel shotgun?

Yes, you can do it. Yes, keep the overall length GREATER than 26″. Yes, keep the barrel length GREATER than 18″.

Who makes the DP-12 double barrel shotgun?

Standard Manufacturing
The DP-12 is a bullpup 12-gauge pump action double-barreled shotgun designed by Standard Manufacturing. It has two tube magazines, each of which feeds its own barrel.

Is Ithaca arms still in business?

Ithaca Gun has its roots in Central New York. It has changed ownership several times over the years., In 1987, the company’s gun-making operations were moved to King Ferry in Cayuga County. The King Ferry plant was shut down in 2005. The company’s headquarters are currently in Upper Sandusky, Ohio.

Where was the Ithaca Gun Company once located?

Company once located in Syracuse, NY. around 1916. The Flues model single barrel trap guns and the “two bolt” hammer guns are also numbered within this series. YEAR SERIAL NUMBER YEAR SERIAL NUMBER YEAR SERIAL NUMBER 1914 246892 to 246895 1922 400000 to 400014 1945 WW II 1915 to 255000 1923 to 400055 1946 to 402797

What kind of barrel does an Ithaca shotgun have?

Pre-Owned Ithaca Gun Co. Field Side by Side 20GA with 28″ fixed choke (IC/M) barrels, factory solid rib. Barrels have been re-rust blued and show only minor signs of wear. Factory case-co …Click for more info

What’s the serial number on an Ithaca Model 37?

Special serial number blocks were discontinued during 1953 for the models 37S and 37T. *Interchangeable barrels began with serial number 855000. Unique serial number sequences were established for special edition and commemorative Model 37 and Model 87 guns.

What kind of shotgun is the Ithaca Model 51?

NEW THIS WEEK! Extremely nice Ithaca Model 51 Featherlight, 20 Gauge, semi-automatic. 2 3/4 inch chamber, 28 inch vent-rib barrel. Full choke. Perfect bore.