Features of personal statement

A motivational essay, also called a personal statement, is an applicant’s essay to a University or College, also this document is often required by employers. The average length of a document is usually between 500 and 1500 words. The motivation letter of the applicant is intended to be written in order to convince the Admissions Committee of the University or College of the student’s readiness to study under the chosen program. In addition, this document is often attached to the scholarship application. Also, this document is required by prestigious companies when applying for a job. In contentious cases, a personal statement can play a big role. This document distinguishes the author from other candidates.

What to write?

The personal statement is necessary for the Admission Committee and the employer to get acquainted with the identity of the applicant. Therefore, there are career goals of the candidate, his strengths and advantages. Also, students often indicate how this program or vacancy will help the applicant to achieve their goals.

Personal statement functions

Why is this work written?

  1. This is a modern way to get acquainted with the applicant in absentia, to know him as a person, his ambitions and goals.
  2. Also, this document is a great tool to build a psychological portrait of the candidate, to identify his strengths and weaknesses, to understand whether this person is suitable for the proposed program or job.

Main components of a personal statement

  1. Career goals and their description;
  2. Qualities, knowledge and achievements of the candidate;
  3. Reasons why the author is interested in this program and University or in a job and company.
  4. How can an applicant demonstrate this interest?
  5. How does the applicant show the strengths of his personality in life?
  6. What should make a person who reads hundreds of such texts every day remember and highlight the work of the author?

Structure of motivation letter

The classic motivation letter is divided into three parts – the introduction, the main part and the conclusion. Pay special attention to writing the introduction and conclusion, they will remain in the memory of the commission and help you make the right first impression. All parts of the personal statement should be divided. To make your paper interesting and informative.

The most important document of the applicant

The members of the selection committee specify a determining role to the personal statement, therefore, given the importance of this document, it is necessary to carefully approach its preparation. You can trust this personal statement writer by contacting the writing service.

A personal statement is especially important in the following cases:

  • if the competition for the selected program is very high;
  • student’s GPA is below the required level;
  • if the student changes chose another;
  • when entering a prestigious position.

If the student’s average score is lower than required, the selection Committee can make concessions only if the motivation letter clearly and interestingly represents the applicant’s personality, interests, experience and necessary skills.

Signs of a successful personal statement

  1. Informatively

A personal statement should be as informative as possible and should not repeat the summary. It should not seem superficial, otherwise, the Selection Committee will consider the author of the work irresponsible and inattentive to the details of the person.

  1. Taking into account the interests of the University or employer

Some educational institutions and companies indicate on their websites or in the text of the job questions, the answers to which they want to get. Therefore, a successful personal statement always contains answers to these questions and provides all the information.

  1. Demonstration of the advantages

In fact, your main goal in writing an essay is to show your candidacy in a favorable light. Do not be shy to praise yourself, tell about your merits and talents.

  1. Beautiful and quite simple language

A motivational essay should be written in a literate but relatively simple language. Do not overload it with long sentences and abstruse words, avoid colloquial vocabulary.