How much is a Remington pump 22 rifle worth?

How much is a Remington pump 22 rifle worth?

Recently Sold REMINGTON 572 FIELDMASTER rifle

Price Item Condition
$429.00 .22 S/L/LR REMINGTON 572 FIELDMASTER 22 Coeur D Alene, ID 83815 Used
$1,025.00 OTHER MODEL REMINGTON MODEL 572 SB BDL FIELDMASTER PUMP .22 CAL SMOOTH BORE 21″ BBL 29829 Frederic, WI 54837 New Old Stock

When was the Remington Model 12 made?

The Remington Model 12 is a slide-action, solid-breech, hammerless, takedown, side-ejection rifle. This gun, designed by J. D. Pederson, was introduced in 1909 and produced through 1936. During the 37-year period, there were 820,759 guns sold.

How much is a Remington Fieldmaster Model 572?

A REMINGTON 572 FIELDMASTER rifle is currently worth an average price of $457.74 used .

How old is my Remington 1100?

Remington stamps a 2-letter code on their barrels (left side, just forward of the receiver) that indicates the month and year of manufacture of the barrel. Caveats: – If the barrel on your 1100 is not the original one that came with the gun, then all you’ll find out is when the barrel was made.

When did the Remington Fieldmaster 121 come out?

Remington Model 121 Fieldmaster. The Fieldmaster 121 series is a .22 caliber, slide action, tubular magazine-fed rifle manufactured by Remington Arms between 1936 and 1954. The Sportmaster 121 has a 25″ barrel, a one piece hardwood stock, and a blued metal finish.

What should I do with my model 12-121 rifle?

MODEL 12-121 to its lowest position when breech is closed. If it does not, remove the action bar and polish out any roughness or burrs in carrier slot. Assemble arm, cock and close the action. The action bar should be locked forward by the carrier dog.

What was the last good deal on a Remington rifle?

Last decent deal I found at that pawn shop was a ’62 Win mod 12 Featherweight 12g. They didnt know what they had and had it all mismarke, cant remember what they marked it as. Was 90%, maybe a little better. Got out the door for $352.44.