How much is an old Marlin 30/30 worth?

How much is an old Marlin 30/30 worth?

MARLIN 30 30 rifle PRICE AND HISTORICAL VALUE A MARLIN 30 30 rifle is currently worth an average price of $997.87 new and $756.95 used . The 12 month average price is $1,108.63 new and $747.42 used.

What is a Marlin 336 SC 30 30 worth?

Recently Sold MARLIN 336 rifle

Price Item Condition
$495.00 MARLIN 336 JM STAMP – .30-30 WIN MFG. 1976 LOOK! Reno, NV 89502 Used
$806.00 .30-30 MARLIN 336RC 336 RC 30-30 W/REDFIELD OPTICS MADE IN DENVER COLORADO. JM Hamilton, MI 49419 Used
$705.00 .30-30 MARLIN 336 30-30 RIFLE (USED) FASTSHIPNOCCFEES 336SC Wendell, NC 27591 Used

Are Marlin 30/30 any good?

The . 30-30 round is not a true long distance round but if you are shooting deer especially within in the 100 yard range it is a great round. Also, it is plentiful and readily available at most retail outlets.

What is the best ammo for a Marlin 30 30?

Best . 30-30 Ammo: Harvesting Deer Since 1895

  • Remington CORE-LOKT.
  • Winchester Super-X Power Point.
  • Winchester Power-Max Bonded.
  • Hornady FTX LEVERevolution.
  • Federal Fusion.

    What is the effective range of a Marlin 30-30?

    30-30 have a maximum effective range of around 150-200 yards. When using a polymer tipped bullet and a scoped rifle (like a Marlin 336), it’s possible to extend that somewhat to around 250 yards or so. That’s plenty of range for most hunters though.

    Is 30-30 A centerfire?

    Originally named the . 30 Winchester Centerfire, the . 30-30 was among the first cartridges utilizing smokeless gunpowder. According to Winchester, the light, fast-handling Model 94 has sold more than 7 million copies and when sales of other rifles chambered in .

    When was the First Marlin Model 1936 made?

    Marlin does not have the serial numbers by years during this period. You have a first Model 1936 and considering the serial number in the 8300 range, I would guess it was probably made in 1938, the third year of production. This is my Model 1936..

    Is the Marlin Model 36 a good gun?

    The model 36 was only made for 2 years but the 1936 was made until 1946. The 32special is a good calibre but no more powerful than a 30/30. Sounds like a gun to be proud of for sure! I’ve chrono’d my 32 specials bullet speed at a little less than 2,250 ft/s and i’ve shot 4 of my 30-30’s and got a top of 2,198 ft/s..

    What kind of rifle is a Marlin 30-30?

    It is a 30-30 rifle, case hardened receiver, square bolt, round barrel, half mag, beavertail fore stock and non fluted buttstock. It is a nice shooter and an attractive rifle. It has a coil main spring rather than the older flat spring.

    When was the Marlin Model B B made?

    Your Model 1936 with the “B” prefix in the serial number was made in 1941. The first four years of the Model 1936, the guns were idententical in every respect. In 1937, in the catalog only, the nomenclature was changed to Model 36, but no changes were made on the gun internally or cosmetically, until 1941 when your B was made.