How old is Colt Cobra?

How old is Colt Cobra?

Colt Cobra
Produced 1950 – 1981 2017 – present
Variants Colt Aircrewman, Colt Courier, Colt Agent, Colt Viper
Mass 15 oz (430 g) (pre-1981) 25 oz (710 g) (post 2017)

How much does a Colt Cobra gun cost?

COLT COBRA pistol PRICE AND HISTORICAL VALUE A COLT COBRA pistol is currently worth an average price of $979.04 new and $620.73 used .

Do they still make the Colt King Cobra?

Colt’s King Cobra is reincarnated for 2019 as the 6-Shot . Sporting a heavy-duty frame, 3-inch barrel, and brushed stainless steel construction, the King Cobra secures a new place in the legendary heritage that makes Colt double-action revolvers some of the hottest collectible firearms today.

When did the first Colt Cobra come out?

According to our friends at Revolvy, the first model of Cobra was made from 1950 to 1971 with a 2-inch barrel. The second version was produced from 1972 to 1981 and can be identified by its shrouded ejector rod. The Cobra was a version of the Colt Detective Special, and both were made on Colt’s “D” frame.

When did Lee Marvin buy a Colt Cobra?

That Cobra was purchased for $220,000 at an auction in 1991. Lee Marvin carried two Colt Cobras while playing Detective-Lieutenant Frank Balinger of the Chicago Police Department on the TV series M Squad. Fans of Colt revolvers have been clamoring for a new model for years, and the Colt Cobra addresses that desire.

What kind of barrel does a Colt Cobra have?

The Cobra’s frame was constructed of aluminum alloy rather than the all-steel construction of the Detective Special. You could get the Cobra in .38 Special, .32 Colt New Police, .22 LR, and a few were produced in .38 S&W. You could choose between 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-inch barrels.

How big is the trigger pull on a Colt Cobra?

Although both guns use a two-leaf mainspring, time and technology has weighed in favor of the latest model with a double-action trigger pull of just 8.69 pounds (on the test gun). This is a very smooth trigger press with mild stacking as the cylinder rotates clockwise.