How old is the lever-action rifle?

How old is the lever-action rifle?

The first lever-action rifles on the market were likely the Colt’s 1st and 2nd Model Ring Lever rifles, both cap and ball rifles, produced by the Patent Arms Mfg. Co. Paterson, N.J.-Colt’s Patent between 1837 and 1841. The ring lever was located in front of the trigger.

What is a 30/30 lever-action Marlin worth?

What is a MARLIN 30 30 rifle Worth? A MARLIN 30 30 rifle is currently worth an average price of $997.87 new and $756.95 used . The 12 month average price is $1,108.63 new and $747.42 used. The new value of a MARLIN 30 30 rifle has risen $73.87 dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $997.87 .

When was the last year a Marlin was made?

MARLINS MADE 1948 and LATER. Marlin Model 336 and Models 39-A and 39-M manufactured from 1948 to 1968: A one or two letter code was used to designate the year of manufacture. All Marlins (except lever action) manufactured from 1962-1968. A two letter code was used to designate month and year of manufacture.

How much does a Marlin 30-30 lever action rifle cost?

30-30 Lever Action Rifle JM Stamped 336 30-30 WIN 1960 NR 20 inch ” barrel PRICE: $675.00 MANUFACTURER: Marlin

What are the serial numbers on a Marlin?

Note that records are chaotic as all models were numbered in a single serial number range, and numbers are often duplicated, and the dates recorded are apparently shipping dates, not dates of manufacture. Brophy studied the records and came up with the following as dates of manufacture.

How big is a 30 inch Marlin barrel?

MARLIN .30/30 LEVER ACTION 336XLR 24″ STAINLESS STEEL BARRELBARREL 24 INCH ” BARREL OTHER MODEL .30-30 WIN. MARLIN DARK SERIES 16 INCH ” BARREL OTHER MODEL .30-30 WIN. NIB MARLIN 336 CS LEVER ACTION 30-30 WIN. 02649501022 MANF. PART #: MANF. PART #: .30-30 Win. Marlin .30/30 Lever Action 336XLR 24″ stainless steel barrelbarrel 24 inch ” barrel