Is Mercury Force a good motor?

Is Mercury Force a good motor?

The Mercury lower units are great quality, but the older Chrysler Force motors had many issues. Never owned a Force or known someone who did but all I can say is that if it comes with a “parts motor” the previous owner has had problems with it and surely you will too.

Who made Force outboards in 1997?

The Force name appeared when U.S. Marine, makers of Bayliner boats, purchased the Chrysler outboard plant in 1984. Chrysler continued to make engines under the Chrysler marque, however. U.S. Marine owned the Force brand until 1988, when Mercury Marine acquired it. Mercury Marine dropped Force Outboard in 1996.

How can I tell what year my Force outboard motor is?

Force outboard motor identification is done using the ID plate attached to the transom bracket. The plate lists the model and serial numbers on pre-1992 motors and a serial number only on motors manufactured after 1992. The model number or serial number indicates the engine HP and the year of manufacture.

What company makes Force outboards?

Originally manufactured by Chrysler, Force Outboards were sold to Mercury and became among the first factory-installed engines in their Bayliners and other crafts.

Are Force and Mercury outboards the same?

As far as I know, Force outboards are old Chrysler designed engines, and the Force outboards that have “By Mercury Marine” on the side are those same problematic engines with some small changes made by Mercury.

Are old boat motors reliable?

Most of us have an outboard motor; and some of us have old outboards. The “good old” outboards—the ones that were built in the 1950s and later—are even better than those early, antique outboards. They are just as reliable, and a lot easier and cheaper to fix than state-of-the-art motors.

Does Yamaha build Mercury outboards?

In 2006 models, Mercury four stroke powerheads from 40 to 225 HP (except the Verados) are built by Yamaha. Mercury’s agreement with Yamaha ended in March 2006, at which time Mercury is expected to phase in more four cylinders (75 to 115 HP) based on the Verado engine block, but without supercharging or intercooling.

Does Mercury make a 600 horsepower motor?

Mercury has released a V-12 outboard marine motor that makes 600 horsepower.

How do you read Mercury serial numbers?

Every Mercury outboard has a serial number label located on the transom bracket area of the engine. The latest serial number labels display a 2-digit number in a box at the lower right portion of the label. These digits coincide with the last two digits of the year in which the outboard was manufactured.

What year is my Mercury outboard by serial number?

The sequence of letters and numbers (or just numbers) at the top of the identification tag or instruction plate is your Mercury outboard’s serial number. On newer Mercury outboards, the tag or plate will also show the motor’s year of manufacture below the serial number.

Will a mercury prop fit a force?

Yes, this will fit that motor. This prop is for the Force made by Force (which is what you have), not the Force made by Mercury.

Why are boat motors so unreliable?

Why are boat engines unreliable? Many boat engines are “unreliable” because they are not taken care of correctly. While some boat engines are less reliable than others, there are common engine issues that appear from overuse, ill-maintenance, or low-quality materials.

How many horsepower does a Mercury outboard engine have?

Smaller outboard motors can produce as little as 15 hp, while larger engines can produce an average of 135 hp. What kinds of outboard engines does Mercury make? Mercury makes six main types of outboard engines.

Are there any force complete outboard engines left?

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How many horsepower does a SeaPro fourstroke have?

These products have a range of 25-200 hp. The SeaPro FourStroke line consists of Mercury outboard engines that are meant to be worked hard. They are designed for boats that spend a lot of time on the water, with trouble-free operation. They have a range of 15-150 hp.

Who is the inventor of the Mercury outboard motor?

A leading name in marine engines, Mercury is recognized for producing top-quality outboard motors as well as the MerCruiser line of inboard engines. Founded in 1939 by the talented engineer-businessman Carl Kiekhaefer, the Mercury brand of boating engines are found as factory equipment with many watercraft manufacturers.