What does over and under mean on a shotgun?

What does over and under mean on a shotgun?

An over-under shotgun, is a shotgun with two barrels with one mounted over the other. This opposed to a side-by-side with two barrels mounted side by side and single barrel shotguns (“normal”).

Which is better side by side or over-under?

Barrels of a side-by sit higher up while the stacked nature of an over/under positions them deeper into the stock. The O/U’s first barrel recoil is low in the shoulder and produces less barrel flip than a side-by. Second shots can be more accurate, which is why clay target competitions are won by over/under shooters.

What does superposed mean on a Browning shotgun?

Yes, the term means one on top the other. The Browning Superposed models are very good quality Belgian made guns. A pleasure to shoot and a joy to own. A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.— Ariel Durant Post subject: Re: What does “superposed” mean?

What does the term superposed mean in English?

In English, Superposed usually refers to Browning’s old model name. However, the term is generic for Over-Under in other languages.

When did the superposed over / under gun come out?

The 12-gauge over/under was basically the same as the pre-war version but available only in Grade 1. It was priced much higher, at $241. Then, in 1949, the 20-gauge was introduced with a slimmer frame and a lighter weight of about 6.5 pounds. The ‘50s saw an expansion of Superposed variations, including magnum, trap and skeet models.

Why do people want an over / under shotgun?

The majority of clay shooters and a large number of upland bird hunters choose O/U guns. Here are some reasons why. These days, a lot of people look at an over/under and see only a shotgun that costs more than a pump or semiauto, yet it holds fewer shells. “Why would anyone want one?” they ask.