What is a Sako 243 worth?

What is a Sako 243 worth?

Recently Sold SAKO L579 FORESTER rifle

Price Item Condition
$855.00 .243 REM SWEET SAKO L579 FORESTER W/ REDFIELD 4-12X 24 INCH ” BARREL Edinboro, PA 16412 Used

How good is Sako?

Sako has produced many excellent rifles over the years. There are few hunters around the world who will not be familiar with the brand, and the response is usually the same: ‘Sako makes some great rifles. ‘ reat nick, but shot well enough, and as far as the rifle design was concerned, I was most certainly a fan.

How much is a Sako 375 H&H worth?


SOLD: 10 months ago UPC:
LOCATION: Greenville, SC SKU:

Which is better Sako or Tikka?

Both guns use the same barrels and are made in the same factory. Think you are paying extra on the sako for the finishings like the magazine is made better (steel)instead of plastic on tikka. The trigger is crisper on the sako. The stock on sako is made that bit better!

How expensive are Sako rifles?

Recently Sold SAKO rifle

Price Item Condition
$3,125.00 SAKO TRG 22 6.5 CREEDMOOR 26 INCH ” BARREL Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410 Used
$825.00 M/39 MOSIN NAGANT M39 SAKO FINLAND 7.62X54R A86908 CR 27 INCH ” BARREL Mount Morris, IL 61054 Used
$997.00 OTHER MODEL 7.62X54R SAKO M39 – FINNISH MOSIN 1943 Fayetteville, NC 28314 Used

What is the best Sako action?

Most Sako owners tend to hang onto their rifles as trusted and dependable sporting firearms, and many will argue that the M591 is still one of the best rifle actions ever produced.

Is Tikka better than Savage?

Tikka make fine rifles, the fit and finish is much better than Savage, and the QC seems good. There out-of-the- box accuracy is equal to or better than Savage (and they have an accuracy guarantee).

Are Tikka rifles any good?

Tikka rifles are some of the most accurate on the market. Tikka is now owned by Beretta. Which means they still offer a nice variety of mid-priced and higher end guns for anyone looking for a new rifle that is lightweight, durable and of the upmost quality.

What does Sako stand for?


Acronym Definition
SAKO Suojeluskuntain Ase- ja Konepaja Osakeyhtiƶ (Finnish: Civil Guard Gun- and Machiningworks Ltd.)
SAKO Surat Angkutan Kayu Olahan (Indonesian: Processed Wood Transport Permit)

Are Tikka and Sako actions the same?

The T3X platform operates on the same long action length, whereas Sako produces long and short action lengths. The Tikka in 308 would have a bolt stop that shortens the stroke.

What kind of barrel does a 243 Sako have?

Brand New Rifle, comes complete with Weaver Bases , Fluted barrel and screw-cut (M15). Brand New Rifle, comes complete with Weaver Bases , Fluted barrel and screw-cut (M15). This is a brand new Sako A7 Roughtech .243 available here at Coombe Farm Sporting. A very tough, reliable and accurate tool for pest control!

What’s the average price of a Sako rifle?

A SAKO rifle is currently worth an average price of $1,625.00 new and $1,238.88 used . The 12 month average price is $1,609.73 new and $1,196.48 used. The new value of a SAKO rifle has fallen ($248.66) dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $1,625.00 .

Is the Sako finnlight 2 Cerakote in.243?

The Sako Finnlight II Cerakote in .243. Please call 07854 240764 to discuss the full Sako range we have in stock. A New Sako .243 Stainless/Synthetic. Please call 07854 240764 to discuss the full Sako range. The New Sako S20 in .243. Rifle and moderator in stock if required. Please call 07854 240764 to discuss potential kit prices.

What’s the caliber of a Sako Bavarian carbine?

Sako 85 Bavarian Carbine 20″ 270 Win Bolt-Action Rifle w/ Walnut Stock 082442174266 JRSBC18 20 inch ” barrel CALIBER: .270 Win. MANF.