What is the difference between a 22 and a 22lr?

What is the difference between a 22 and a 22lr?

22 is the nominal bore diameter. .22 LR is a specific cartridge that is fired in that bore. 22 caliber is the size of a hole, (. 22 inches) or the dimension of a bullet. A 22 long rifle is the name of a commercially produced bullet made to be fired in a 22 rifle or pistol.

How deadly is a 22lr?

22lr is certainly a lethal caliber, higher velocity rounds are usually the worst (i.e 9mm or . 223). . 22lr wounds are usually pretty small, and they cause minimal cavitation injury. Solid organ injury (liver, spleen, kidneys) without major vascular injury is usually not a big deal and can be repaired easily.

Will a 22LR stop an intruder?

Yes. In fact the 22LR has a very good track record for stopping intruders. The 22LR can be used as a home defense weapon with appropriate ammo. Remember: Studies show that it usually takes two good hits to stop a fight.

When did the.22 long rifle cartridge come out?

In 1887 the Stevens Arms Co. developed the ultimate in .22 rimfire cartridges, the .22 Long Rifle. This used the .22 Long case with a 40 grain RN bullet loaded to higher velocity than the 29 grain Long bullet.

How did the.22 caliber gun get its name?

It’s believed the forerunners to today’s .22 cartridge came about in the mid-1800s when a Frenchman, Louis Flobert, placed a small lead ball in a percussion cap, used to ignite a powder charge in a muzzleloading firearm. The results were neither impressive nor accurate, but Flobert’s experiment certainly did start the ball moving, as it were.

When did the.22 Winchester ammo become superfluous?

However, as soon as the established .22 LR was universally converted to smokeless powder, the .22 Auto cartridges became superfluous. The .22 Winchester Automatic cartridge was designed for their Model 1903 autoloading rifle (discontinued in 1932). Ammo was produced into the 1970’s.

When did the.22 Winchester Rim Fire come out?

In 1890 the .22 Winchester Rim Fire (WRF) was introduced. This cartridge is loaded with a 45 grain, flat point, inside lubricated bullet with a full diameter heel, rather than the tapered heel bullet of the .22 LR. The .22 WRF fires a .224″ diameter bullet, just like modern centerfire .22s and the later .22 Magnum (WMR).