What is the serial number of a Remington shotgun?

What is the serial number of a Remington shotgun?

REMINGTON ARMS COMPANY MODEL 1889 TOTAL Mfg. 134200 Year starting serial number 1888 W/ 1887

What’s the price of a Remington 12 gauge shotgun?

Remington 870 Express 12 Gauge Tactical Shotgun. $599.99. Notify Me When Available. Brand: Remington. Item Number: 81198. (1 review)

Can a Remington 700 barrel number be decoded?

Remington 700 or 1100 serial numbers can be decoded the same way as Remington 870 serial numbers. This decoder works for all Remington firearms which have two-letter code on their barrel.

Where can I find Remington 870 barrel number?

Now you can download and install FREE Remington Serial/Barrel Number Lookup on your Android device: When you purchase a Remington firearm, such as a Remington 870 shotgun, it will contain a serial number or barrel number on it. This number will allow you to lookup when your Remington firearm was manufactured.

What does the date code on a Remington rifle mean?

Remington never (*) (**) used serial numbers to identify the date of manufacture of it’s firearms, they however stamped a date code (spelled out below) by the first letter meaning the month and the last letter the year of manufacture. BARREL DATE CODE – stamped exposed on LH top rear of barrel after 1920

Where do you find the date of manufacture on a Remington rifle?

A two or three letter code on the left side of the barrel identifies the month and year of manufacture. The first letter identifes the month, the other letter (s) identify the year. The code letters were reused and may indicate one or more possible dates.

Is the Remington 11-48 a semi automatic shotgun?

The 11-48 is a long-recoil operated semi-automatic shotgun based on the Remington Model 11. The 11-48 differs from the Model 11 in the shape of its machined steel receiver and the use of cheaper stamped steel.

Is there a way to look up a Remington barrel number?

This serial number decoder will translate this information, determining the exact month and year that your specific firearms was created. Remington 700, 870 or 1100 serial/barrel number lookup will work with Remington 700, 870 or any other Remington shotgun or rifle. It will show you date of manufacture of your firearm.

Where is the manufacture date on a Remington?

manufactured after 1921 Remingtons manufactured after 1921 have a code located on the left side of the barrel near the frame that identifies the year and month of

When did Remington stop stamping barrel codes on shotguns?

Using these barrel codes to date a shotgun is somewhat unreliable, as shotgun barrels are often interchanged at random. One needs to be sure that the barrel is original to the gun before trusting the Barrel Code listing, above. On 8/9/99, stopped stamping the barrels with the date code.

How much does a Remington 1863 rifle cost?

$3,750. This is an excellent Remington 1863 Civil War Contract rifle with an original bayonet and scabbard. The rifle is 58 caliber and is excellent retaining 95% original finish. There are two crisp Inspecto …Click for more info

How big is a Aya 12 gauge shotgun?

Barrel length on request. 12 bore with 2 3/4” or 3” chambers. Stock type and measurements by request. Stock and forearm nicely checkered of selected and seasoned walnut. Approx. weight 7 lbs. 5 Oz. A very rare gun, less than 40 (of both models) are made, only one in 16ga.

How many Aya sidelock shotguns are there?

A very rare gun, less than 40 (of both models) are made, only one in 16ga. Sidelock, genuine self opener by Purdey patent. Double intercepting sears with self opening device. Triple bolting system, gas scape valves, loading lateral indicators. Big basqule designed for competition purposes.

Is there such a thing as a fully automatic shotgun?

Fully-automatic ( Atchisson Assault Shotgun ). A shotgun (also known as a scattergun, or historically as a fowling piece) is a firearm that is usually designed to be fired from the shoulder, which uses the energy of a fixed shell to fire a number of small spherical pellets called shot, or a solid projectile called a slug.