What kind of gun is a 44 Colt?

What kind of gun is a 44 Colt?

“Made in 1870s. 44 Colt Centerfire with a 8″barrel. Gun is in excellent condition with 90% of the original nickel finish. Cylinder still has almost all of the cylinder scene. Grips are excel …Click for more info

When did the Colt Model 1851 Navy come out?

The Model 1851 Navy was Colt’s most popular percussion revolver. Nearly a quarter million of the iconic.36 caliber six-shot model were produced between 1850 and 1873. The term “Navy” refers to the caliber of the revolver, not necessarily the branch of service.

What kind of Revolver is a Samuel Colt?

Samuel Colt 1851 Navy Conversion Revolver, .38 Caliber, 7.5″ Barrel, Made in 1856 (Antique), with U.S. Navy Anchor mark, wonderful! SOLD-Super rare U.S. government contract Colt M1861 round barrel navy percussion revolver.

Where can I buy a 44 Magnum revolver?

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Which is the rarest Colt single action revolver?

Here is a rare factory engraved, 5 1/2 inch, Colt 1862 police revolver. Mfg.mid war in 1863. There are good traces of blue in protected areas and about 40% silver pn BS & TG. It has the …Click for more info This is a Colt Single Action Revolver in 45 caliber that was delivered to the U.S Cavalry in 1877.

When was the first Colt Army revolver made?

Nice, original Colt Single Action Army revolver made in 1897. The serial number 168816 matches on the frame, triggerguard and backstrap. It is a .45 with a 7 1/2″ barrel, blue finish and rubber s …Click for more info

What kind of gun is the 1878 Colt?

“New York engraved Colt 1878 Sheriff’s model .45. Made in 1882. This gun was shipped to Hartley and Graham in a shipment of five. This gun is a very rare Sheriff’s model with a 4” barrel. Th …Click for more info