What kind of gun is a Damascus steel 10 gauge?

What kind of gun is a Damascus steel 10 gauge?

Damascus steel 10 gauge manufactured in the 1880’s. Barrels measure 30″ and are marked “laminated steel”. Side locks are marked “W m Moore & Co.” Action works. Both hammers hold full cock. Original butt plate is very good with no chips or cracks and has a stag in high relief.

Are there any damascus steel blades of inferior quality?

Most Damascus steel blades are of very high quality. However, the truth is that many smiths and sellers will offer you Damascus steel of inferior quality. In those cases, the number of layers is lower, and the price is also lower, usually. And they sell their blades as Damascus steel blades purely because of the way it looks.

Why does Damascus steel have a wavy pattern?

By casting iron and steel together under a reducing atmosphere with little to no oxygen, the metal started absorbing more carbon from charcoal, resulting in a very sturdy type of steel, called Damascus steel. And the special wavy pattern is still up for debate; some claim it’s due to the wind that the steel was exposed to after the forging process.

What kind of barrel does a Damascus shotgun have?

Has 30 inch Damascus barrels with bright bores. The right barrel has a rippling (small rings) on the interior that is visible on the outside. The left barrel is bright and shows only a minimal of the above. The action works perfectly with barrels on face and locks up tight to the frame.

What kind of shotgun is a 12 gauge?

Double Barrel 12 Gauge with 32” barrels. This is a hard used civil war era double barrel shotgun. This gun has a very neat repairs. Near the action on both sides. The action functions well. The stock has a weathered appearance. Metal has an even brown patina.

How big is a 10 GA percussion shotgun?

This 10 GA percussion Manton shotgun is nicely engraved and has beautiful wood. The overall length is approx. 46 1/4″. The 29 1/2″ round barrels have very good bores. The barrels have most of their original brown finish.