What kind of gun is the J C Higgins?

What kind of gun is the J C Higgins?

The J.C. Higgins brand was an exclusive trade name used by Sears, Roebuck and Co. You can see my write up on the man and the trademark here. The gun we are looking at today is a bolt action shotgun in 16 gauge. Labeled the J.C. Higgins model 583.2 (also known as the model 10).

What was the serial number of the j.c.higgins model 583.1?

The number 583.1 was for a 12 Gauge. The 583.2 wasthe first of the 16 Gauge Model 10’s. The gun sold for 18.45 new in February 1946. There will be no serial number on this model. THis was one of the BA1 design series. The models that were recalled all were a part of teh BA2 design series.

Is there a recall on J C Higgins Model 10?

One interesting note, Sears issued a recall on the 12 gauge model 10s, due to the receiver failing at the bolt handle lug, causing the bolt to eject into the shooters face. The recall only covered the 12 gauge models as the smaller gauges didn’t seem to fail.

Where is the recoil lug on a Higgins gun?

Some of the guns came with a recoil lug just ahead of the trigger, mid-stock. The bolt cocked on closing and featured dual opposing extractors. Removal of the bolt was facilitated by removing a screw on the left side of the receiver, just forward of the roll stamps.

What causes a j.c.higgins bolt action shotgun to fail?

One theory is that the retaining screw used to keep the bolt from being pulled out while being worked could fail or get lost, meaning it could cause the shooter to get hit in the face with the bolt. The other issue discussed was that the receiver could fail causing the bolt to come out of battery when fired.

What’s the model number of the J C Higgins 583.2?

583 was the supplier number for High Standard and the .2 designated it as a 16 gauge, 1st year introduction. and so on. There is some confusion as to the origin of the design.

Where can I find a JC Higgins Model 10?

The JC Higgins Model 10 shotguns are still pretty common and I handled and fired a number of them over the years. As long as it isn’t one of the recalled models, they should continue to function for years. You can find a nice condition Model 10 for around $100 on many online auction sites, however, I have seen them in pawn shops for less than that.

When did Sears start selling bolt action shotguns?

Long before they were sponsoring extreme home makeovers and marketing through the internet, Sears, Roebuck and Company, or just Sears, used to sell guns, along with all other retail goods, through mail order catalogs and in its stores under the brand name J.C. Higgins.