What kind of gun parts do Erma make?

What kind of gun parts do Erma make?

Erma EP-22 Pistol Repair parts, Erma KGP-69 Gun Parts, Erma KGP-68 Gun Parts. Erma EM-1 22 Rifl;e Parts. Erma Ep-254 Automatic Parts, Erma RX-22 Pistol parts, Erma EG-72 Lever Action Rifle Parts.

Where can I buy new firing pin parts?

FiringPins.com has made shopping for replacement firing pins and parts super convenient by offering a wide selection of firing pin parts available online. We engineer our firing pins to exacting specifications so you can be assured of a perfect fit. Buying firing pins is simple.

Are there any Erma 7mm magazine parts left?

Only 1 left! ERMA EP555 EP665 .25 ACP, 25 Auto (6,35 mm) OEM German Magazine ~ Vintage ~ NEW! Erma EP555/655 6.35mm 7rd. Magazine Only 1 left! NEW! Erma Werke KGP 69 Luger .22 LR cal Factory 8 round pistol magazine Only 1 left! WW2 ERMA .22 P.08 TOGGLE PART.

What makes a magazine loader a good loader?

All you need to do is drop the ammo in the loader and squeeze the lever. Another great feature of this product is its adjustable side shims that can align magazines of varying width for optimal use. Plus, the shims are labeled with numbers, allowing you to adjust it quickly.

Can you load a full magazine at a time?

Able to load a full magazine at a time the ETS combines the use of your ammo boxes with your loader to make the process a LOT faster. New to guns?

Which is the best double stack magazine loader?

This double-stack magazine speed loader from ADCO is not universal. But, it can fit a variety and 9mm and .40 caliber weapons. It also works with various guns, such as a Sig, a Walther P99, and a Smith, 96 Browning, A90 Beretta, and many more.

What was the model of the ERMA Werke?

From the version ‘EMP 36’ of ERMA the SMG ‘ MP 38 ‘ and the following model ‘ MP 40 ‘ had been developed under the guidance of Vollmer, and been accepted by the german Wehrmacht, been put into production.

Who was the inventor of the Erma EL 24?

Pre-war conversion kits as training devices, with subcaliber ‘Insert Barrels’ like the type ‘Erma EL 24’ (EL for ‘Einstecklauf’), would also be sold for those weapons systems. In 1933 Berthold’s brother Elmar Geipel is hired by the company.

When did the ERMA Werke make the EMP 44?

In 1943 another SMG had been constructed by the ‘ERMA-Werke’, the ‘Erma EMP 44’, a very simplified Machine Pistol, which could have been manufactured with speed and in great numbers. Such a crudely designed firearm was not approved by the Wehrmacht at that time.

What kind of carbine is the ERMA Werke ESG 22?

Over the lifetime of Erma-Werke and their E M1, Wischo distributed worldwide several hundred thousand of the ERMA-Werke EM1 .22LR, and a .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire version, designated the Erma-Werke Model ESG 22.

How big is the magazine on an Erma Werke EM1?

The EM1 uses a 5 round, 10 round, or 15 round magazine. The lower half of the magazine fits inside a sleave that makes the exposed part of the magazine look like the .30 caliber carbine magazine.

When did Erma Werke start making carbines?

About 1952 ERMA was granted a contract by the government of West Germany to service and produce parts for the various Allied Forces weapons that had been given to the German police by the allies.