What kind of shotgun does Antonio Zoli make?

What kind of shotgun does Antonio Zoli make?

Here we have an Antonio Zoli Atlas Model 145 chambered in 20 gauge. This 1966 manufactured gun features a vented rib, ejectors, cocking indicators, and a single selective trigger. While the gun shows …Click for more info This Magnum is equipped with a 28” barrel, beaded sights, walnut stock, and a blued finish.

Are there Zoli shotguns in the Mid-West?

The Z-Guns aren’t promoted heavily in the mid-west, but there are a few of us shooting them here and NONE of us have had ANY problems with our guns. The old addage about the vocal dissatisfied customer vs the silent satisfied customer usually holds true, but Jman’s rant demands a bit of ballance.

Is the Zoli Kronos a good hunting gun?

I am one of those owners that think they are fine guns and in fact a Zoli Kronos was used to win the USA sporting clays championships a couple of years ago. It is clear that you did receive a gun with a defective barrel but that is VERY unusual for a Zoli. Zoli is known to have very good barrel regulation.

Can you shoot skeet with a sporting o / u?

You can shoot Skeet with a Sporting O/U, but dedicated Skeet variants do have characteristics worth seeking out. “Skeet guns tend to have shorter, lighter barrels – 28in are typical,” says Stuart. “Multichokes are useful. A weighted stock can make the front end quicker and an adjustable comb is desirable, usually on a parallel stock,

What kind of barrel does a Zoli expedition have?

ZOLI – Expedition, 12ga. 29 1/2” Barrels. ZOLI – Expedition, 12ga. 29 ½” Barrels. Screw-in chokes, pistol grip stock with nicely figured wood, case colored finish, vent mid rib., 5mm solid rib, factory wood butt plate, Zoli mark …Click for more info

Are there any Zoli 20 gauge shotguns for sale?

Available for purchase is this NOS Antonio Zoli Z Extra Game model over under shotgun. Chambered in 20 gauge, this one is a beauty. It comes in the Zoli hard with all of the extras it came …Click for more info

How much does a Zoli Kronos shotgun cost?

The Zoli Kronos has set new standards in terms of performance, reliability, comfort, ergonomics and style. The Kronos is recognized as a gun with a combination of dynamic and ballistics skills which i …Click for more info Book #1980. Retail price: $6000.00 (call for competitive pricing).

What kind of shotgun is the Bernardelli aucaio?

Left side of the barrel marked “V. Bernardelli” and the right side barrel marked “Gardone, Vt.” Delicate banknote-style engraving on …Click for more info This is a Bernadelli Aucaio chambered in 12 Gauge.

What kind of barrel does a Zoli expedition 12ga have?

New Zoli Expedition EL Sporting 12GA with 32″ fixed choke barrels, flat tapered rib. Nitride finished receiver with fine English scrolls and gold inlaid game scenes. Outstanding factory pistol gr …Click for more info

How much does a Zoli 12 gauge shotgun cost?

Retail price: $6000.00 (call for competitive pricing). Featuring a drop-out trigger unit with coil springs, the Zoli Z-Gun is a further evolution of the traditional premium Ital …Click for more info Call for pricing. This is a nice Angelo Zoli over under shotgun in 12 gauge. It features an excellent condition scroll engraved receiver.

Where can I buy parts from Antonio Zoli?

Hey Guys- Antonio Zoli has been in business since the mid-1800’s and now has a permanent presence in North America. Our website is www.zoli.it. Parts and service for all current models including Z Gun, Dakota,Verona, Sig SA3 and Ritmos can be found at Cole Gunsmithing (207-833-5027).

When did Angelo Zoli go out of business?

BSA,Birmingham Small Arms did not make O/U shotguns that I am aware of but they have been making guns since the early 1860s so you never know. Today they only make air guns. Angelo Zoli went out of business in 1987 so if you bought a gun from Angelo Zoli in 1991,it was four years old.

Is the Zoli XL Evo a competition gun?

The newly launched Model XL-EVO now completes the already comprehensive Z-GUN range of competition guns. A difficult objective has been achieved considering that not only does XL-EVO retain all the fundamental aspects of Zoli’s range…