What kind of stock do I need for a Browning shotgun?

What kind of stock do I need for a Browning shotgun?

MGW offers many Browning stocks for the full line of shotgun and rifles models from Browning. Whether you are replacing a damaged stock or upgrading the one you have, select from many different woods, synthetic polymers, standard grips, and finishes / patterns that will suit your firearm best.

Do you need Shim for Browning a bolt stock?

ATTENTION CUSTOMERS: Boyds’ has designed the Browning A-Bolt stocks so you do not have to use the rear metal shim that is supplied by Browning for some models. These parts are manufactured using standard Browning short – action receivers.

Who is the founder of Browning Arms Company?

Founded in 1878 to market non-military firearms, the Browning Arms Company has been a respected maker of fine sporting rifles and shotguns for nearly a century and half. The company was created by legendary firearms designer John Moses Browning. John Browning was born in Ogden, Utah and started the company there with five brothers.

How to get a Browning stock at Boyds?

Call Browning Customer Service for more information. All finished stocks have been CNC inlet to Boyds’ House Action. Variations may exist from firearm to firearm, minor fitting may be required to get that perfect fit to your firearm.

How many printable targets are in a Browning rifle?

Know what your Browning firearms are worth with this up-to-date 48-page .PDF download from the Standard Catalog of Firearms. 62 Printable MOA Targets with DOT Drills – Rifle Range in YARDS This impressive target pack from our friends at Storm Tactical contains 62 printable targets for rifle and handgun range use.

What kind of gun is the Browning 725?

Browning 725 20ga. 30″ Sporting Clays gun. This gun features a nickel receiver with engraving, 30″ flat rib ported barrel with 5 Invector DS extended chokes, select stock and forea… (read more) Browning 725 20ga. 30″ Sporting Clays gun.

Which is the best Browning 10 gauge gun?

BT-99 Plus—Signature Grade BT-99 Plus Stainless—Grade I BT-99 Plus—Golden Clays BT-99 Grade III BT-100 Satin Game Gun Deer Special (shown above) BPS Game Gun Game Gun Turkey Special BPS 10 Gauge Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Camo …