What year is my Marlin Golden 39A?

What year is my Marlin Golden 39A?

Registered. When a Model 39a has a “B” Sn prefix, it was made 1940-41, before production halted during WWII. When the 1st two numbers of a Marlin SN is “00”, “99”, “98”, etc – subtract the 2-digit number from 2100 to get the DOM year. ie: 2100-99=2001.

Do they still make Marlin 39A?

Technically, the Model 39A is still in production. It is available from the Marlin custom shop, as the Model 39A Fancy for $3,495.

What is a Marlin 39A Mountie?

The Mountie is a Take Down Model of the 39A With a Shorter 20 Inch Barrel. Tube Fed this Rifle Takes Short, Longs, and Long Rifles Interchangably. The Black American Walnut Stocks are Straight Grained and the Blueing is Very Nice.

Where is the serial number on a Marlin 39A?

The serial number, depending on the model of rifle, will be located in one of the following places: on the upper tang. on the lower stock tang. at the bottom of the receiver.

When did Marlin stop the JM stamp?

Remington purchased Marlin in 2008, but did not move the factory to NY until 2010. The JM stamp did not go with the move. Anything made in the old Marlin plant will have the JM while anything made in Remington’s plant will not.

Where is the JM stamp on a Marlin 336?

The JM will be stamped on the barrel near the receiver (right side I think), the remington made ones are stamped REM. You’ll probably pay a little more for a JM. Some have bought the new ones with no problems.

How many rounds does a Marlin 39A hold?

Speaking of ammunition the 39A holds 19 rounds of . 22 long rifle which is a good number of rounds. It would feed any type of . 22 for a total of 26 rounds of “shorts”.

What year did Remington take over Marlin?

Marlin was acquired in 2008 by Remington Arms Co. Inc., which is a subsidiary of Freedom Group Co. of Madison, N.C. Three years ago, Marlin employed 345 people at its headquarters in North Haven and 225 in Gardner, Mass., at the former Harrington and Richardson plant that Marlin had acquired.

What is a JM stamped Marlin 30/30 worth?

Recently Sold MARLIN 336 JM rifle

Price Item
$1,500.00 .30-30 336XLR MARLIN 336 XLR STAINLESS 30-30 UNFIRED JM AND CT GUN LNIB 24 INCH ” BARREL Woodstock, NY 12498
$597.00 .30-30 WIN. MARLIN MODEL 336 30-30 LEVER ACTION 20″ JM MARKED – CIRCA 1982 OUR# G-2101849-1 / REB-92651 20 INCH ” BARREL Gulfport, MS 39501

What does the JM on Marlin mean?

The JM stamp means that the firearm was made by Marlin and not under the company that bought them out. Some are referring to the new marlins as remlins. The JM stamp would be on the barrel, you will not see it on the new marlins.