When did the Springfield 12 GA shotgun come out?

When did the Springfield 12 GA shotgun come out?

The date code was only used after 1949. this 12 ga looks just like the picture, no serial # , but its dated april 20, 1915 and reads Springfield Arms Co. Mass. USA. UNDER THE FRONT OF BARREL/STOCK , IT LOOKS LIKE A VERY SMALL LETTER 12 , INSIDE A CIRCLE. I THINK ITS A STEVENS. JOHNSON TOOK OVER IN JUNE, I THINK?

How much does a Stevens Springfield shotgun cost?

Stevens Model 94 410 Gauge NVS single shot Stevens Model 94 410 Gauge NVS single shot shotgun. Estimate: 75.00 – 125.00 J. Stevens “Springfield” Shotgun, 16 gauge, J. Stevens “Springfield” Shotgun, 16 gauge, double barrel. Stevens Shotgun, 12 gauge, model 620-A, slide Stevens Shotgun, 12 gauge, model 620-A, slide action.

How old is a Springfield 16 gauge double barrel shotgun?

What is the age of a Springfield 16 gauge double barrel shotgun made by J. Stevens Arms Company in Chicopeefalls Mass with serial numbrer E 85985? Your shotgun was probably made between 1920-1940.The markings of J.Stevens arms Company,was owned and made by Savage Arms Co.which used this name during the time period.

Where can I buy a Springfield arms shotgun?

Springfield Arms shotguns were manufactured by the Stevens division of Savage Arms from 1920 to 1948. Where can you buy a springfield j Stevens arms company 16 gauge single barrel shotgun in good condition?

How much does it cost to research a Springfield shotgun?

Be advised that there is a $15.00 research fee per gun. If you do write be sure to give all the information you have given. Also there are no values listed for Springfield shotguns but there are for Stevens guns. 100%-$245, 98%-$205, 95%-$185, 90%-$150, 80%-$140, 70%-$125, 60%-$110.

What kind of shotgun is Stevens marksman 12 gauge?

#348 STEVENS MARKSMAN #12 SBL. SHOTGUN, 44 shot, 26″ bbl., under lever, good bore, some light pitting near chamber area, VG wood, original Stevens hard rubber buttplate, old crack behind ta …Click for more info Presented for sale, you will find an Diamond Arms single barrel twelve gauge fitted with a 30” barrel.

What kind of gun is the Springfield shotgun?

Not open for further replies. Please advise date of mfg and approx value. “Springfield” was a house brand of Savage/Stevens, for their inexpensive lines of firearms, and those sold in bulk to some chain outlets. What you have looks like a version of the economy Stevens 311.

When was the Stevens Model 520 shotgun made?

The Stevens Model 520 was a pump-action shotgun developed by John Browning and originally manufactured by the J Stevens Arms & Tool Company between 1909 and 1916. Stevens was sold to New England Westinghouse on 28 May 1915 and production of civilian firearms was greatly reduced.

Where can I find a Stevens Springfield shotgun?

Sorry but there is no published serial number/year made tables for Stevens,Springfield or Riverside (the other name Stevens used). However there is a source for the information. You can write Older Stevens Historical Research, Mr. John Callahan, 53 Old Quarry Road, Westfield,MA 01085. Be advised that there is a $15.00 research fee per gun.

Where are the serial numbers on a Savage Springfield shotgun?

The six digit (always) numbers, stamped only on the left side of the frame, not on the barrels or fore end or on the wood, are preceded by capital letters from A to E. The letters do not correlate to production years. The letter prefix accompanied the Savage/Stevens/FoxB/Springfield serial number on every gun they made from 1968 on.

Where did the name Springfield shotgun come from?

Springfield was a trade name used by J Stevens Arms Co. The name was used by Savage after they bought Stevens in 1920 but it was discontinued in 1948. What is the value of a j Stevens arms company single shot breakdown shotgun 20 gauge?

When did they start stamping numbers on shotguns?

Beginning about 1978 numbers 1 to 20 were also stamped on the three major components, frame,barrels and fore end iron, to enable the factory to keep 20 guns of like model together in a group for packing in the standard 20 gun shipping carton. Yours is one of these.