Where can I find the year of manufacture of a Winchester?

Where can I find the year of manufacture of a Winchester?


What’s the serial number on a Winchester rifle?

(Serial Number Reference) What year was my Winchester manufactured? (Serial Number Reference) What year was my Winchester manufactured? (Serial Number Reference) Below is the download link for a special resource for dating Winchester firearms.

When was the Winchester Repeating Arms brand made?

Before the 1990s the Winchester Repeating Arms firearms brand transferred ownership several times. Any information before the 1990s is always difficult to verify. In general, only serial number ranges with an approximate year are provided in this document.

When did the Winchester 1200 model come out?

I agree. Model 1200 serial number 137965 is definitely pre-1968, most likely late 1964 or early 1965. As I mentioned earlier in this topic, the “L” prefix was added in late 1968 to be in compliance with the Gun Control Act (GCA) enacted in November of 1968.

What are the models of the Winchester Repeating Arms?

Winchester-Lee Straight Pull Rifle Model 1890 Model 1906 Model 61 Model 62 and 62A Model 1903 Model 63 Model 1905 Model 1907 Model 1910 Model 55 (Rimfire Rifle)

Who was the owner of the Winchester Model 70?

Pre-64 Model 70 owned by Roger Rule, author of “The Rifleman’s Rifle: Winchester’s Model 70. 1936-1963”. Note the gas vent on the right side of the receiver ring.

Which is the best model of Winchester rifle?

CAUTION: Buyers should confirm by Cody letter any special-order feature on any Winchester within the Cody record range before paying a premium for a scarce feature. Model 697 Model 70 Standard Rifle .30-06 Springfield (1937-1963) .270 Win. (1937-1963) .243 Win. (1955-1963) .300 H&H Magnum (1937-1963) .264 Win.

Is the Model 1890 A.22 Long Rifle?

The Model 1890 will only feed the round specific to that gun (e.g. a Model 1890 stamped “.22 Short” on the barrel will not feed .22 Long, .22 Long Rifle, or .22 WRF; despite there being other 1890s chambered in those calibers). The .22 Long Rifle version was added in 1919.

Who was the inventor of the Winchester 22 rifle?

On June 26, 1888, a patent for the new design was issued to John and Matthew Browning. Under this patent, Winchester created the second repeating slide action .22 rifle ever successfully developed and manufactured, being narrowly edged out by the Colt Lightning small frame carbine.

What are the model numbers of a Winchester rifle?

List of Winchester models 1 Year-model numbers 1866-1912 2 Sequential Model Numbers (Rifles) 1919-39. 3 Non-sequential model numbers (rifles) 1949-63. 4 Model numbers (shotguns) 1919-63 5 Model numbers (shotguns) 1964-2006. 6 See also 7 Notes. 8 Bibliography. 9 External links. …

When did the first Winchester rifle come out?

Winchester Firearms Manufacturing Dates by Serial Number and Year 1866 through the early 1990s

Is the serial number of a Winchester rifle accurate?

In general, only serial number ranges with an approximate year are provided in this document. There is no other detail beyond this that we can provide. Since this information was provided through old documents (both official and otherwise), no representation is made that all serial number and year combinations are totally accurate.

When was the last Winchester Model 94 made?

Winchester Model 94 Production Dates; YEAR: APPROXIMATE LAST SERIAL NUMBER; 1894: 14579; 1895: 44359 ; 1896: 76464 ; 1897: 111453 ; 1898: 147684 ; 1899: 183371 ; 1900: 204427

Where can I find the year of manufacture?

These tables will help you identify the year of manufacture on many popular models of firearms. Information courtesy of The Blue Book of Gun Valuesby S.P. Fjestad. From The Blue Book of Gun Values Store Brand Crossover List

Which is the oldest gun company in the United States?

Company has distinction of being oldest firearms manufacturing firm in United States. Since 1856, it has been known by four different names: between 1856 and 1888, E. Remington & Sons; 1888-1910, Remington Arms Company; 1910-1925, Remington Arms U.M.C. Company (Union Metallic Cartridge Company); and 1925 to present, Remington Arms Company.

When was the last Winchester Model 87 made?

Records in the writer’s possession show that two years production was recorded in 1890-1891, 1894-1895, 1912-1913. A large number of serial numbers were skipped after number 115,170. Serials reached 139,700. Winder muskets, made in 1918 and 1919, were given the designation “Model 87”, but serials were in the single shot range. NO. MADE

What was the serial number of the 1897 Winchester gun?

Model 1893 and 1897 serial numbers overlap in 1897-1899. Model 1897 serial numbers begin at serial number 31609, approximately where the 1893 model serials ended. See the note with the model 1893. Total production of the model 1897 reached 1,024,700, when the parts clean-up began, resulting in 2,000 more guns assembled.

Where do you find the serial number on a Winchester rifle?

Most often, the information you need will be found in any instruction manual you have for the weapon. It will also be stamped on the right side or left side of the barrel, usually just ahead of the chamber. Write down the serial number.

When did the Winchester Model 70 Magnum come out?

The Model 70 was introduced in 1936 and is currently in production. Calibers range from the .22 Hornet to the powerful .458 Winchester Magnum. The pre-64 models include Standard Grade, Carbine, Featherweight, Alaskan, Westerner, and Super Grade.

When did the first Winchester shotgun come out?

Winchester manufactured just shy of one million Model 1897 shotguns, with the production taking place from July 1897 to September …

When did the Model 42 Winchester shotgun come out?

Designed by William Roemer and introduced in 1933, the Model 42 Slide Action Shotgun was chambered exclusively for .410 gauge in 3″ and 2-1/2″ shells. The Model 42 was produced from 1933 thru 1963, with a production of about 160,000. … The Model 64 was introduced in the January 1933 catalog specifically as a replacement to the Model 55.