Where is the serial number on a BSA air rifle?

Where is the serial number on a BSA air rifle?

A) Only BSA kept accurate records of guns produced – All BSA guns left the factory with a serial number stamped into the metal either just in front of the trigger guard, on the side of the back block or on the barrel usually on the left hand side of the barrel block or on the bottom of the barrel flats close to where …

Where are BSA air rifles made?

Birmingham, UK
BSA Guns is a long established manufacturing company based in Birmingham, UK. It was initially founded in 1861 and is famous for the Lee Enfield . 303 rifle, of which 1.25m were manufactured during World War Two. Following the war, the company has concentrated on air rifle manufacture, which is still its core business.

What does BSA stand for in guns?

Birmingham Small Arms Company Limited
The Birmingham Small Arms Company Limited (BSA) was a major British industrial combine, a group of businesses manufacturing military and sporting firearms; bicycles; motorcycles; cars; buses and bodies; steel; iron castings; hand, power, and machine tools; coal cleaning and handling plants; sintered metals; and hard …

Where is the serial number on a Lee Enfield?

Such rifles would have 5-digit serial numbers with either an “E” or an “F” serial number prefix, and the serial number would be stamped on the rear of the bolt handle and on the bottom of the fore-end, as well as on the receiver ring.

What is gas ram air rifle?

Gas Ram Powered Air Rifles Gas Ram Rifles refers to the technology in which the coiled steel mainspring is replaced with compressed gas, to push the piston. They are lighter, faster and can extend the lifeline of your rifle.

When did BSA stop making guns?

Birmingham Small Arms Company

Type Listed company
Founded Gun Quarter, Birmingham, England, 1861
Defunct 1973
Fate Remainder acquired 1973 by Manganese Bronze Holdings
Headquarters Birmingham , UK

What’s the serial number on the barrel on BSA Mercury?

On the barrel it says “BSA GUNS LTD ENGLAND” and between the scope rails “BSA MERCURY”, but that’s it other than the serial number. Whats the serial number on the barrel?

How old is my BSA Mercury Mk3 rifle?

My serial number starts “ZC”, which makes it a 1978- Mk3 ….it’s in very good condition for a 30 odd year old rifle, a real credit to it’s former owners. So my next question is, would a v-mach kit be worth considering (if ones available of course), or do you think that might take some of the character away from what is a lovely old rifle?

What kind of caliber is a BSA air rifle?

Bsa standard. 22 caliber, nice condition fully working plus bsa Lincoln jeffreys. 177 caliber fully working flip up peep hole sight. New BSA Ultra JSR pre-charged air rifle in .177 calibre.

Is it OK to rebuild a BSA Mercury airgun?

Rebuilding this family heirloom is Approved Activity according to the War Office. Buying an airgun is not approved, as it falls under Unnecessary Expense and lays me open to charges of being a Warmongering Nutjob, and possibly Endangering the Family.