Who is the owner of Navy Arms Company?

Who is the owner of Navy Arms Company?

Over the years, this company has imported many black-powder and modern surplus firearms and replicas. Many of the models imported are classified as curios and relics. In 2012, Navy Arms now operated by Val Forgett III, temporarily suspended the importation side of the business.

Where can I buy Navy Arms gun parts?

Manufactured high quality reproduction firearms such as the Colt 1911, Mauser Broomhandle, and Winchester 1873. Shop available Navy Arms parts from Numrich Gun Parts Corporation today!

How big is a 44 Cal Navy revolver?

It is available in .44 caliber, weighs 2.5 lbs., and is 13.5″ in length. WARNING: Black powder firearms cannot be shipped to New Jersey, New York City, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, or Canada. For all other states, please review your state and local laws before ordering.

When did the Navy and Army revolvers come out?

The Navy, Pocket Navy, Army, and Police Black Powder Revolvers all evolved between 1851 and 1862 from one model originally designed by Colt. By the start of the Civil War, Colt had refined the Navy into a sleek, streamlined weapon with an improved loading lever.

What kind of rifle does Navy Arms use?

This is a Navy Arms conversion of a Siamese Mauser in 45-70. The rifle is used and has some scratches and dings in the stock and a few spots on the bbl. It does appear to be in otherwise v …Click for more info

Where to find serial number on Eli Whitney lever action gun?

Serial numbers: Numbers are all marked internally. On the first model the serial number is located by opening the action and looking from the top of the receiver to the inside of the floorplate. When dissembled, most parts are numbered.

Where can I buy a Winchester Model 73?

Winchester Rifles… (1) > Sort by… Category (a-z) Category (z-a) Best match Time Listed (Newest first) Time Listed (Oldest first) Price (Highest first) Price (Lowest first) Your search only returned 1 result. This gun is super nice, most of the original blue and vanish remain.