Why is ammo so hard to find right now?

Why is ammo so hard to find right now?

The scarcity of ammunition is the result of a perfect storm that initially formed during the first quarter of 2020 as the effects of a worldwide pandemic took hold. In one fell swoop, the COVID-19 outbreak and the restrictions that came with it put the brakes on a roaring US economy.

Is 9 mm ammo hard to find?

A betting man could have cleaned up if he had guessed a year ago that 9mm would be this difficult to find, but a year into the pandemic whenever this common caliber is available it sells out quickly. Prices have gone up and 9mm is running between 80 cents to $1.20 a round.

Is reloading 9mm worth it 2021?

Pandemic Prices 2020 – 2021 Common rounds like 9mm are no exception and it’s not unheard of to see small lots of 9mm going for $1 a round. When comparing my above calculation (from component orders during the shortage) it becomes increasingly evident that the cost to reload 9mm ammunition is far better than buying it.

Why is ammo so expensive and hard to find?

Some of this increase can be blamed on ammo hoarders and an increase in the cost of raw materials, but most high prices are due simply to the laws of supply and demand. The good news is that rising prices are part of the free market process that will allow the supply to catch up to the demand.

Why is 9mm ammo so cheap?

Because it’s the economy of scale. All ammo has a rather high fixed value (brass, copper, lead are not cheap), something that will probably prevent the ammo from going lower than $6–7 a box. However, its a caliber that is in great demand but highly competitive at the same time.

How many times can you reload 9mm brass?

Reload it until it shows signs of wear, usually mouth splits. No reason they should not be loaded 5-6 times, perhaps a lot more. Mostly, I lose semi-auto brass well before they fail. I have loaded 9mm brass as many times at a dozen and still no neck splits or primers falling out.

Is the ammo shortage getting better?

The “great ammo shortage” that began last year isn’t going to end anytime soon, and according to market research conducted by Southwick Associates shortages of ammunition will continue throughout the rest of 2021.

Why is ammo expensive now?

Why is ammo so expensive 2021: There are several factors leading to higher ammo prices, to include more gun owners than ever before, more expensive materials, panic buying, and more. Today, that same ammo will cost you $28.99. Of course, those are direct from Federal Premium prices, meaning from the manufacturer.

Is it worth it to reload 9mm ammo?

If you are reloading common handgun ammo, like 9mm, you will only save around 10-20% and you still have to factor in your time. The short answer to the question of saving money is yes, you will save money per round.

Do you have to reload ammo every time?

Yes! A big cost of ammo is the brass casing. So why give it away to your shooting range that will end up selling it to reloaders, when you can reuse it a couple times. How much will I save? Sorry, but it depends on the caliber. For something that is already pretty cheap like 9mm, you might only save 10-20% in cost and you don’t even factor in time.

Can you reload a 9mm in a bottleneck case?

This is not like bottleneck cases. The crimp is either taper or roll, depending on your die (most 9mm are taper). If you dont get your crimp right, you can set the bullet back when chambering and have a kaboom. You can buy bulk 9mm ammo so cheaply that you really can’t reload it for less.

How to calculate the cost of reloading ammunition?

Simply calculate the loaded cost of your reloads, and subtract it from the price of commercially available ammunition. Then, divide the dollar amount of your reloading equipment by the savings. Choosing a cast bullet over a FMJ can greatly influence your cost per loaded round.