Will a Remington 870 barrel fit a 887?

Will a Remington 870 barrel fit a 887?

While I wouldn’t be surprised if a regular 870 barrel would fit on the 887, it would look awkward for sure. Also, due to the exterior coating thickness, it might change how the barrel, tube extensions, etc fit to the receiver, tube, etc.

Why was the Remington 887 discontinued?

Many believe the reason the Remington 887 got discontinued was because it was too similar to the design of the Benelli Supernova shotgun, which was more popular. Plus, there were a lot of people posting up complaints about the Remington 887 on the internet. This likely led the company ultimately take it off the market.

Is the Remington 887 a good gun?

This is a decent firearm and you can find them for cheap, mainly because they’re completely dwarfed by the legacy of their brother, the 870. The M887 will do what you ask it to and will keep the rust gnomes at bay.

Will a Remington 870 stock fit an 1100?

The wood stocks for the 1100 and 870 are not designed to be interchangeable. The 1100 is attached to the shotgun by a nut that screws on the back of the action spring tube. The 870 is attached to the shotgun by a bolt that screws into the receiver.

Can the Remington 887 shoot slugs?

Your shotgun will shoot slugs just fine at close range. It will not blow up in your face. Try it at the range just like it is first and then reevaluate.

How many shells does the Remington 887 hold?

Remington Model 887

Remington 887 Nitro Mag
Cartridge 12 Gauge (2 ¾, 3, and 3 ½-inch)
Action pump-action
Feed system 4+1 rounds (7+1 for the tactical model), internal tube magazine
Sights Hi-Viz LitePipe front bead, polymer mid-bead

How many rounds does a Remington 887 hold?

Are 870 and 1187 stocks interchangeable?

Registered. Late model 870 stocks are the same as 1100/1187 stocks. The 870 in this case would use a longer stock bolt. Earlier 870 stocks have to have the bolt hole opened up to clear the diameter of the action spring tube, and they need a bearing surface for the stock nut washer to bear against.

Is the Remington 887 Nitro Mag shotgun still available?

Unfortunately, the 887 NitroMag shotgun line has been discontinued as of 2015. We do still offer spare parts as of right now. However, because this model has been discontinued, we cannot guarantee that the parts will be around for long. We do not have any immediate plans to re-release the 887s.

Is the Remington 870 still a good gun?

It’s still a great gun, though. It fits almost everyone and has very soft recoil. In recent years, Remington trimmed the lineup down to target guns in four gauges and a Sportsman hunting model. I’d like to see them keep the target guns and offer them with 30-inch barrels in all four gauges.

Is the Remington 870 Express pump action still made?

Remington’s no-frills 870 Express pump-action shotgun. Remington Quality, as the old Ford ads used to say, needs to be Job One at the new Remington factory. If it’s true that the new ownership plans to start with the 870, that’s good news. There is still a ton of gunmaking experience among the Ilion workforce.

What’s the polymer seal on a Remington shotgun called?

This exterior was a polymer finish which went by the name of ArmorLokt. The polymer seal was made to protect the barrel and receiver of the shotgun from harsh weather conditions and other kinds of accidental damage. Not only that, it prevents the metal of the shotgun from getting rusty as well.