Are there ribs on the Winchester Model 42?

Are there ribs on the Winchester Model 42?

EDITOR’S COMMENT: Contrary to traditional views, Winchester did install factory ventilated ribs on its Model 42. Former employees and factory drawings substantiate this fact. However, subject of what is a factory rib and what is not has been covered in great detail in an excellent book on Model 42.

What kind of shotgun is a Winchester 42?

Winchester 42 Skeet Grade .410 Gauge shotgun. Desirable skeet grade model 42 with solid rib barrel. Is marked “Skeet” and has a Cutts compensator. Winchester 42 .410 Gauge shotgun. Skeet grade model 42 with desirable solid vent rib barrel. Barrel is marked skeet and has an overall length of 25” with cutts compensator.

How big is a solid rib Winchester shotgun?

Solid rib barrel is a factory mail order replacement and is numbered to the receiver. It measures 32″ and is choked full. Receiver has some wear. Length of pull is 13 3/4″ with pad. Good overall condition. Winchester 12 20 Gauge shotgun. Converted vent rib skeet gun.

When did the Winchester Model 410 come out?

Winchester Model 410, 26″ Mod choke, SN is 252xx, made in 1936. Factory finish on both woo and metal, factory butt plate. Nice classic all original gun! Email me if you would like these pics sent …Click for more info NEW THIS WEEK! This 410 is a Winchester model 42 SKEET. 28″ vent rib barrel marked SKEET.

When was the last Winchester Model 42 made?

Model 42 produced from 1933 to 1963. About 164,000 were sold. Factory service and repair for this model was discontinued in February of 1972. EXTRA BARRELS: Winchester offered extra interchangeable barrels for its Model 42s, at customer’s request beginning in 1934.

When did the Winchester pigeon 42 come out?

Pigeon Grade: same as Deluxe Grade, but engraved with pigeon on lower magazine tube. Very few of this grade built by Winchester and majority were done in late 1940s. Authentic Pigeon Grade 42s appear to have been built between 1945 and 1949. Some estimate less than 50 produced. Rare Model 42.