Can I use a 9mm bore brush on a 357?

Can I use a 9mm bore brush on a 357?

And yes 9 mm is . 355 and 38/357 is . 357, you can use the same brush. Take you cleaning rod and put it through the barrel from the chamber side, then attach the brush and pull it through to the chamber, do this 3 or 4 times, then take a MOP and attach it to your rod and clean the chamber out.

Will a bore brush damage rifling?

No matter what the brush is, as long as it is softer than the steel used in the barrel (and it probably is, if it’s a bore brush) it will not and can not damage the rifling.

What caliber bore brush for AR 15?

Bore Brush – 8-36 Thread – 5.56 NATO, AR-15, M16, M4, . 223 Cal. Bore brush loosens and remove fouling and residues that accumulate over time in the bore, chamber and bolt lock.

What is a bore brush used for?

It is used to push brushes, mops and cotton patches through the bore to deliver solvents and scrub away foulings, or to physically remove any obstructing objects such as a squib load.

Will a .38 bore brush for 9mm?

355″. So any bronze bore brush for a 9mm or a . 38 or a . 357 will work just fine.

What size brush do I use for a 9mm?

Usage Charts

.25 Caliber 42207
.30, .32 Caliber 42213
.38, .357 Caliber, 9mm 42215
.40, .41, .44, .45, 10mm 42217

Can a brass brush hurt a barrel?

Brass brushes will not hurt the bore. Stainless steel could scratch the bore, but brass brushes are 100% safe.

Can I use a .38 brush on a 9mm?

The brushes are all the same diameter. lead bullets than 9mm pistols. But they are basically interchangeable.

Does bronze brush damage bore?

Bronze is softer than steel, and can’t do the bore any damage.

Should you use a bore brush?

You can use it or not as you like; but it isn’t necessary. I have 12,000 rounds through a stock Hi-Power barrel and it only sees a bore brush about every 1,000-2,000 rounds. No affect on accuracy or reliability yet. The only thing I’ve noticed is that when I do use a bore brush, it is more work to get the barrel clean.

What size bore brush do you use for a 9 mm?

Usage Charts

.30, .32 Caliber 41969
.38, .357 Caliber, 9mm 41970
.40, .41, .44, .45, 10mm 41971
SHOTGUN 5/16-27

Will a 9mm bore brush work in a 380?

The 9mm brushes will work with your . 380. . 380 is also called 9mmK (the K is for Kurtz – German for short) in Germany. The brush for 9mm will also work for .

How big is a bore brush for A.17 rifle?

Our smaller bore brushes for .17 and .22 caliber are one inch in length for limited breech actions. Not all firearms are created equal though and you might run across a firearm in your safe where even a 2” compact brush is still too long.

What kind of bristles do I need for a bore brush?

Nylon and bronze (bronze-phosphor compound) are most common, but some of our specialized brushes, like the .223cal/5.56mm and .308cal/7.62mm chamber brush, have steel bristles as well.

How much should a woods and brush rifle weigh?

It also allows for a proper balance point, which should be an inch or so back from the front end of the receiver when a compact scope is mounted. The actual hunting weight of a woods rifle should ideally run 7.5 to 8 pounds, including a mounted scope, a full magazine, and a sling.

What kind of bullets are in a woods and brush rifle?

The medium bore .338 Federal, .348 Winchester, .356 Winchester, .358 Winchester and .375 Winchester make effective woods cartridges with round nose or flat point bullets. All of these save the .375 Win. have a MPBR in excess of 200 yards.