Can you still buy a AA-12?

Can you still buy a AA-12?

However, despite having some (admittedly troubled) history behind it and even some copycats, the AA-12 has never been available for civilian purchase, and as an automatic weapon, would still require a federal license and a boat load of cash to store in your home safe — that is, until now.

Can civilians buy an AA-12 shotgun?

The AA-12 semi-automatic shotgun is finally available for sale to civilians. The semi-auto version of the Atchisson Assault-12 became a reality thanks to the hard work of Boje Cornils and Sol Invictus Arms.

Is the AA-12 a destructive device?

The Striker-12/Streetsweeper shotgun has a bore of more than one-half inch in diameter and is not generally recognized as particularly suitable for sporting purposes. Therefore, it is classified as a destructive device for purposes of the National Firearms Act, 26 U.S.C. Chapter 53.

Who uses the AA-12?

Usage. In 2004, ten firing models of the AA-12 were produced and demonstrated to the United States Marine Corps. The HAMMER unmanned defense system by More Industries uses dual-mounted AA-12s on the H2X-40 turret. Neural Robotics has also mounted the weapon on their AutoCopter Unmanned aerial vehicle.

Is the AA-12 used in the military?

The MPS AA-12 combat shotgun can fire from a 10-round box or 20- and 32-round ammunition drums. The shotgun, in general, has been in military service since the first pump-action types were developed.

Is the DBV 12 real?

The DBV12 is a semi-fictional Russian Shotgun variant of the AK12.

How heavy is the AA-12?

The AA12 has an overall length of 33.25 inches with the 13.37 inch long barrel and fired from the open bolt. The barrel with the breaching devise attached is 16.12 inches in length. The shotgun weighs 10 pounds, which is lighter than some of the decked out M4 carbines in use today.

Are there any semi auto aa12 shotguns available?

However, MPS saw limited commercial success and never fielded a semi-auto civilian variant of the AA12. Fast forward to the present day, and Tactical Superiority and its new venture, Sol Invictus Arms, worked out a deal to finally make the AA12 available commercially.

Who is the designer of the AA 12 shotgun?

Originally designed by Max Atchisson, the design was sold in 1987, and the AA-12 underwent more than 100 changes made by Boje Cornils enabling a fully functional and reliable firearm. Now Boje Cornils is working with Tactical Superiority, Inc. and Sol Invictus Arms, to bring this amazing firearm to the masses.

How big is a 12 gauge aa12 shotgun?

Whether for Self defense, Agency operations, or Target Shooting on the Range, the AA-12 will instill confidence that you have enough fire power to take care of the matter at hand. Cartridge: 12 Gauge 2.75” Barrel Length: 18.25” Weight: 10.5lbs

Is the AA-12 semi auto ATF compliant?

The semi-auto variant of the famed AA-12 will have a closed bolt design to keep it ATF compliant but will still feature the lube free design that made the AA-12 so famous and controllable. More from Sol Invictus Arms about the pre-order of the AA-12 semi auto shotgun: