Does Browning make good shotguns?

Does Browning make good shotguns?

Browning leads the industry in the breadth and depth of our autoloading shotgun lineup. The recoil-operated Browning A5 and the gas-operated Maxus and Silver autoloaders are all excellent candidates for anyone looking for outstanding performance and the utmost in reliability.

How much does it cost to gold plate a trigger?

Well, it depends. Gold plated guns are often a specialty, custom item, and can be extremely expensive, especially if they have significant historical provenance. On the other hand, they are also often gaudy, tactless guns with little real worth. On the low end, expect around $2000.

Are there Browning Superposed 20 gauge shotguns for sale?

Offdered for purchase is a lovely Browning Superposed Lightning O/U 20 gauge shotgun. This is a Belgium made Browning with all the quality and beauty these guns offer. This is a Ligh …Click for more info

Are there any Browning shotguns with double triggers?

As with any collectable rifle, rare models, early models, marginalized calibers, and extremely ornate pieces garner much higher prices. Early pre-1939 Superposed have double triggers, the Browning single stage not being perfected by Val until that time. Therefore, if you bump into a FN O/U with double triggers, pay close attention to it.

What do you need to know about Superposed shotguns?

If looking at buying or selling a Superposed, be sure you are extremely sure what model it is, consult Browning as to specifics, and get with a knowledgeable appraiser when possible. Midas grade Browning superposed shotgun.

When did the Browning Superposed trigger come out?

The gun was introduced in 1931 with double triggers. Browning’s son Val kept working on the single selective trigger design, which he finally perfected. It was incorporated as the standard Superposed trigger in 1939. This trigger uses an inertia block mechanism. It doesn’t balk and it doesn’t double.