Does Ruger still make a black powder pistol?

Does Ruger still make a black powder pistol?

The Ruger Old Army is a black-powder percussion revolver introduced in 1972 by the Sturm, Ruger company and manufactured through 2008. Models were made with a 7.5″ and a 5.5 inch barrel….

Ruger Old Army
Produced 1972 to 2008
Barrel length 7.5″ barrel
Cartridge Black Powder; Cap & Ball

What caliber is a Ruger Old Army?

The barrel and cylinders were originally listed as being bored for . 44 caliber and later . 45 caliber rounds.

How powerful is the Ruger Old Army?

Ruger made the ROA very strong and used a modified Blackhawk frame that will handle 44 Mag loads. The gun is NOT the problem, it’s the aftermarket conversion cylinder that Ruger did NOT make. Black powder revolver cylinders are typically rated for about 15,000 psi max pressure.

What is cap and ball pistol?

The cap and ball loading method is one of the first practical methods of loading a revolver. Samuel Colt created the first practical percussion cap revolver in 1836. This was the first of many revolvers, and many other gun companies, such as Remington, also started creating cap and ball revolvers during the 1850s.

How do percussion caps work?

Description. The percussion cap is a small cylinder of copper or brass with one closed end. Pulling the trigger releases the hammer, and the falling hammer strikes the percussion cap, causing the mercuric fulminate to explode. Flames from this explosion travel through the hollow nipple to ignite the main powder charge.

Is the Ruger Old Army a single action revolver?

Like the Blackhawk the Old Army is made entirely from steel and is single action. However, although fundamentally the Old Army is based on the Blackhawk (in turn based on the Colt Single Action Army revolver), many aesthetic design features are taken from the Remington Model 1858, a blackpowder cap and ball pistol.

How much does a Ruger Old Army weigh?

Weight: 2 7/8 pounds. The Old Army uses the frame from the Ruger Blackhawk, renowned for its strength and used on a variety of other Ruger revolvers. This is unlike other blackpowder, percussion revolvers, which use historical designs. Like the Blackhawk the Old Army is made entirely from steel and is single action.

What kind of sights do Ruger Old Army revolvers have?

The Old Army was available in satin stainless steel, gloss stainless steel, or blue finishes; it can be had with or without fully adjustable target-type sights, and with a 5.5″ or 7.5″ barrel. A summary of the specifications of Ruger’s Old Army .45 revolver are as follows.

Is the Ruger Old Army cap and ball accurate?

The Ruger Old Army is designed to be the most advanced and accurate cap and ball revolver ever made. It features an innovative hammer and base pin assembly that will not come open during recoil and can be disassembled without tools for quick and easy cleaning and maintenance, even at the range.