How big is a crescent Victor ejector Single Shot?

How big is a crescent Victor ejector Single Shot?

This is the other gun. It measures about 45 ¾” at its longest part. The barrel is about 30” long and it has a site dot on the end. The hammer, trigger and the latch to open it all work well. Stamped on the side is “Victor Ejector Crescent Firearms Company Norwich, Conn U.S.A.”

What kind of gun is the Crescent Victor?

That style of “Auto and Burglar” gun was popular in the era, and is now regulated under the National Firearms Act. I also have a Victor. It’s stamped: Victor Special, Crescent Firearms Co. Norwich Conn. with a 12 and a “G” inside a diamond.

When was the Victor ejector shotgun first made?

Your shotgun was made by the Crescent Firearms Company in the 1920’s. This was prior to their acquisition by Stevens. The value on the gun is around $75. Interestingly enough, the most famous “Victor Ejector” was that same shotgun action in .410, but factory-made as a pistol with 12″ barrel and pistol grip.

When did the Crescent Firearms Company Stop Making firearms?

Crescent Firearms Company made several million firearms over its lifetime ( 1892 until mid 1930’s ) All of Crescents records were destroyed in the mid 1930’s so there is no reliable record of manufacture dates.

Is it possible to restore a crescent Victor shotgun?

To restore your shotgun, the forearm will be the challenge. The wood can be carved but it is the metal attachment items that is all but impossible to find. Your best bet is to try and find a old beat up like item and cannibalize it for parts. If fact I believe that is the only way you will be able to restore it.

Where do you find information on Crescent firearms shotguns?

I believe it was manufactured by Crescent and sold in the Hinton, West Virginia area, which is on the New River. The gun carries a serial number of A168XXX and was bought second hand around 1916. Anyone know of another “New River” shotgun?