How big is the rear sight on a Smith and Wesson?

How big is the rear sight on a Smith and Wesson?

Slight sight radius increase Our “NEW” Smith & Wesson Enhanced rear sight blade. Now the sight picture you have always wanted for your S&W revolver. Available in three notch widths, .110 (target, PPC) .125 (combat, IPSC, IDPA) .140 (Speed shooting). The blade requiresa windage adjustment screw kit.

How long has Smith and Wesson been making pistols?

Only 1 left! Only 1 left! Smith & Wesson has been producing pistols since 1854. Here is what you should know about the affordable Smith & Wesson sights and parts that are used on the pistols and revolvers the company produces. What brands make sight parts for Smith & Wesson pistols?

Is there a way to remove the rear sight?

You have a few options to remove the rear sight from the sight assembly body. You could drill out the staked head of the sight screw, which, depending on how good your screw skills are could result in damage to the finishes in the surrounding area. Alternatively, you can use the rear sight spanner bit to begin to back out the sight locking nut.

Are there Smith and Wesson Model 41 replacement parts?

Shipment prohibited outside USA. Shipment prohibited outside USA. CT buyers must be FFL holders. Cannot be shipped to NYC. Shipment prohibited outside USA. This product is no longer available, however 376090 can be used as a replacement part.

What kind of sights does Midwest gun works use?

Upgrade and replace your sight with Midwest Gun Works expansive line of Smith & Wesson sights for rifles and pistols. These sights come in a wide variety of features and functions to fulfill many needs. Fiber optic sights and tritium inlaid night sights will give you the field of view to acquire your target no matter the shooting scenario.

What are the parts of a Smith and Wesson revolver?

Smith and Wesson Revolver Firing Pins Smith and Wesson Revolver Full Moon Clips Smith and Wesson Sights Smith and Wesson Revolver Springs Hyskore’s GripLight

What are the parts of a 1911 Smith and Wesson?

1911 Mag Release 1911 Main Spring Housings 1911 Pins and Pin Sets 1911 Plunger Tubes 1911 Safeties – Thumb and Grip 1911 Sears 1911 Sights 1911 Slide Stops