How do I install Lotus Notes on Android?

How do I install Lotus Notes on Android?

Follow 3 simple steps to get your business applications on your mobile:

  1. 1 install on desktop. Install My Notes. Desktop application.
  2. 2 get app for mobile. Get mobile application. for your Android or iOS.
  3. 3 connect and use. Connect device. by scanning QR-code.

How can I use IBM verse in Mobile?

You can use your Android mobile device, both phones and tablets, to work with your mail, calendar, contacts and To Do’s with IBM Verse….How do I configure IBM Verse on an Android device?

  1. Select the IBM Verse icon .
  2. Select Menu.
  3. Select the Sync icon in the action bar.

How do I get my IBM email on my phone?

Access the link If you have not logged in before, you must provide your Connections Cloud ID and password. This ID and password might be different from your Web Mail Cloud ID and password. On your iOS device, tap Log In.

Is IBM Lotus Notes dead?

After 23 Years, IBM Sells Off Lotus Notes ( 105. Posted by BeauHD on Friday December 07, 2018 @07:20PM from the passing-the-baton dept. “IBM has agreed to sell select software products to HCL Technologies,” writes Slashdot reader virtig01.

How do I get Lotus Notes?

If you do not have a Lotus Notes account you can request one by logging onto After you have been notified by the Computer Accounts office that your account has been set up, go to the same website to download your ID file to your desktop, MySBfiles folder, CD or flash drive.

How do I access IBM Verse?

You can access Verse from the browser on your mobile device. You can also use IBM Verse® apps with an IBM® Traveler server. A preview feature in Verse On-Premises provides an improved experience if you access Verse from a browser on a mobile device. Administrators enable the feature on servers.

What is IBM Verse?

IBM Verse is mail that understands you. It has less clutter and more clarity for getting you connected to the people who matter to you most. Designed for mobile devices, and powered by IBM’s analytics and advanced search, IBM Verse works for you, not the other way around.

Where do I find my notes?

Quickly find your notes and lists by using the search bar in Google Keep. You can filter by text or note features such as color, labels, and images.

How to get IBM Lotus Notes on mobile?

Mobile access to HCL/IBM Notes in a flash. Follow 3 simple steps to get your business applications on your mobile: 1 install on desktop. Install My Notes Desktop application. 2 get app for mobile. Get mobile application for your Android or iOS. 3 connect and use. Connect device by scanning QR-code

How can I Sync my IBM Notes to my Android phone?

CompanionLink will sync from your PC direct to Google, Android and iOS devices. If you use IBM Notes (Lotus Notes) on your PC, CompanionLink Express is the prefect solution to synchronize to Google, Android and iPhone. We also support Windows Phone, BlackBerry 10 and Original Blackberry!

Can you use IBM Notes on an iPad?

START USING your IBM Notes applications on your iPhone, iPad or Android for FREE. Get your Notes applications on your mobile at no cost with all functions available in local Wi-Fi. Check pricing for connecting over the Internet.

How can I use my notes on my iPhone?

Start using your business apps on your smartphone with no tiresome setup procedures, no obscure guides and no lengthy calls to IT support desk. My Notes brings instant over-the-air access to your business applications from your iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets.