How do you play a game if you lost the disc?

How do you play a game if you lost the disc?

No the only way to be able to play the game again is to go out and buy the game on disc again or purchase the digital copy for the Console Platform that you originally purchased it for. So repurchasing the game on disc or purchasing a digital copy is the only way sorry.

How do I use a disk without a disk drive?

Since Windows 8, Windows has allowed you to “mount” ISOs (and IMG files) as virtual discs by double-clicking them. You can then use them as if they were inserted in your computer. Once you have an ISO file, you can unplug your external disc drive or move it to another computer without a disc drive.

Is there a way to play a game without a disc?

DO NOT USE THIS TO MAKE COPIES OF THE GAME, IT IS FOR PERSONAL EASE OF USE. This video will show you how to use PowerISO to create an ISO of a PC game and mount so that you can play the game without the actual disc. This method does not always work. 1. Install your game normally. 2. Open PowerISO and click copy, select ISO and copy the disc. 3.

Is it possible to play older PC games without CD / CD drive?

Worst they’ll say is ‘no’ and you’ll have to buy another copy. If you have access to any sort of CD/DVD drive at all, even in an old laptop or on a friend’s pc, you can rip the discs to isos then copy them to a flash drive. Copy them to your computer and use a virtual disc drive to mount them and you’ll be all good.

How can I play games on a virtual CD?

The solution is to use a software package to create a “virtual CD drive” on your system which appears to Windows as if it were a normal CD or DVD drive. You can then load a disc image into that virtual drive and play your games without the original disc.

Can you play a game from a flash drive?

To play your game from your USB flash drive or external SSD on another computer, you will need to make the drive bootable. There are many ways to do this, including software that you can buy or even USB flash drives that come preloaded with a lightweight operating system specifically for playing games.