How long is eRailSafe good for?

How long is eRailSafe good for?

two years
A. The eRailsafe badge expires after two years. If there is an ongoing business need, the contractor or subcontractor may apply for a new badge by contacting e-Verifile and requesting a new background check.

What is eRailSafe?

eRailSafe is the Class 1 and ShortLine industry standard for contractor safety and security management for Railroads and the vendors that serve them. The purpose of the program is to improve the security of railroad employees, operations, and facilities.

What is eRailSafe background check?

E-RAILSAFE will “flag” certain felony and misdemeanor “crimes of concern” (particularly felony convictions within 7 years). The railroads will then review the flagged criminal records, and will tell the contractor which workers are disqualified from accessing railroad property.

How long is eRailSafe training?

Please note that the average turnaround time (TAT) for a report is 3-5 business days. If your report has been pending for longer than the TAT, please contact customer support at [email protected] or 1-800-560-6435.

Is it permissible to discuss railroad business and train movements?

Do not speak openly, or communicate in a public forum, such as the Internet, about detailed information on trains, direction of movement, schedules and consists, especially hazardous materials, business-car, and military movements.

When track cars and on track equipment approach a grade crossing they must?

Vehicles designed to transport 16 or more passengers including the driver or placarded vehicles must stop at all highway railroad crossings at grade. Drivers must stop before proceeding over any crossing within a yard. This includes crossings where no stop sign is posted.

How many shipments of hazardous materials are entered daily?

800,000 shipments
Over 800,000 shipments of Hazardous Materials are made daily. Hazardous materials move safely by plane, train, truck, vessel, or pipeline in quantities ranging from ounces to thousands of gallons.

Who is responsible for the security of railroads?

Our railroad safety mission necessarily includes our involvement in railroad security issues. DHS and its Transportation Security Administration (TSA) have primary responsibility for transportation security, with FRA providing support in the railroad sector.

What causes most railroad crashes?

While every case is unique, the most common causes of train accidents include: Negligence. Human error. Reckless pedestrians and drivers.

When two or more track cars are traveling together in the same track and it becomes necessary to stop what should be done?

When two or more track cars are traveling together on the same track, Contractor employees who are operators of all cars must agree upon and use a predetermined signal to stop that is easily seen and understood.

What do you need to know about erailsafe?

eRailSafe provides the testing, background checks and badges for current employees and future applicants that is required by the railroad to meet the U.S. Department of Homeland Security requirements.

How to contact the up erailsafe support team?

Contact eRailsafe directly at 800-560-6435 or [email protected] for assistance with: eRailsafe web site questions (password issues, navigating the web site or other website issues) Contact the UP eRailsafe team at 402-544-8722 or [email protected] for assistance with:

What does erailsafe stand for in the railroad industry?

eRailSafe is the Class 1 and ShortLine industry standard for contractor safety and security management for Railroads and the vendors that serve them. eRailSafe enables Class I and ShortLine Railroads to monitor and maintain a history of all contractor employees that have access to their property.

What do I need to get an erailsafe ID card?

Once your company has been enrolled in eRailSafe, your employees will need to take and pass the eRailSafe certification training and testing, along with provide a contractor employee photo, to get their eRailsafe ID cards issued.