How much does a Browning Auto rifle cost?

How much does a Browning Auto rifle cost?

What is a BROWNING BAR rifle Worth? A BROWNING BAR rifle is currently worth an average price of $1,492.20 new and $1,101.68 used . The 12 month average price is $1,485.86 new and $1,135.93 used.

Is Browning a good rifle?

Browning’s latest delivers top-notch long-range hunting performance at an attainable price, as the company was able to shave costs by making the new stock in-house. The rifle runs on Browning’s smooth three-lug action and is fed by its rotary magazine, which is easy to load and utterly reliable.

Why are savage rifles so cheap?

Basically all of the rifles now cost the same but they are all designed with manual machining in mind. All of the stuff that Savage markets as being accuracy features are just ways they made the rifles cheap to produce. So you end up with a cheap feeling rifle that doesn’t always function well…

What kind of rifle is a Browning Safari?

This Browning Safari Model is a right hand bolt action rifle in .30-06 Cal. Only. It has a 22 inch barrel. A raised blade front sight and it has scope mount bases attached. The butt …Click for more info Collectors, this a top condition 1964 Belgium made Browning Medallion Grade in the hard-hitting 338 Winchester Magnum.

When was the Browning Safari bolt action made?

Browning Belgian Safari bolt action rifle. Made in 1964 by Sako this cute little .222 has a 22” barrel and it is in beautiful original condition. Mounted on top is a very classic Uner …Click for more info

What kind of scope does a blegium Safari have?

Very nice condition 1968 Blegium Browning High Power Safari Grade chambered in 7mm Mag. FN Mauser action. Drilled and tapped for scope. Walnut Monte Carlo stock with cheekpiece.

What kind of action does a Browning Belgium rifle have?