How much is a Colt Cobra 38 Special?

How much is a Colt Cobra 38 Special?


CONDITION: New Old Stock MODEL: Cobra
SOLD: in 6 hours UPC:
LOCATION: Liberty, KY 42539 SKU: A
CALIBER: .38 Special +P MANF. PART #:

What was the first revolver ever made?

Samuel Colt
Francesco Antonio BroccuDaniel LeavittRobert Adams
1835 – The first Colt revolver. Samuel Colt developed the first mass-produced, multi-shot, revolving firearms. Various revolving designs had been around for centuries, but precision parts couldn’t be made with available technologies. Colt was the first to apply Industrial Age machining tools to the idea.

Where can I find information about Old Colt pistols?

Welcome to Old Colt, an informational resource about Old Colt Pistols, Revolvers and M1911s built from the early 1900’s up to current production. Here you will find high resolution photos, detailed descriptions and Colt serial number shipment dates.

When was the first Colt Army revolver made?

Nice, original Colt Single Action Army revolver made in 1897. The serial number 168816 matches on the frame, triggerguard and backstrap. It is a .45 with a 7 1/2″ barrel, blue finish and rubber s …Click for more info

How long has the Colt gun been in production?

Colt guns have been inextricably interwoven with American history for more than 150 years. The venerable American firearms manufacturer’s long and rich history of gun making includes production of the longtime military standby M-16 and M-4 rifles along with Browning machine guns.

Who was the owner of the Colt 45?

A Colt .45 Model 1873 single-action revolver with a distinctive stag horn grip owned by General George S. Patton sold for $75,000 at a June 2015 Profiles in History auction.